Message from Dr. Eve Meltzer Krief
The PTA Health & Wellness Committee would like to extend warm Thanksgiving wishes to you and your families. We are grateful for our school administration, teachers and staff, and for all the parents who are working so hard to keep our families safe.

We are starting to see a gradual uptick in the rise of Covid-19 cases in our community and this was not unexpected. As the weather grows colder, more activities move indoors which, along with the arrival of cold and flu season, contributes to increased spread of the virus. Some of the spread we are seeing can be attributed to what our children do outside of the classroom. If we all want to keep our students in school, avoid prolonged school closures this winter and prevent spread of Covid-19 to our families and community members, it is imperative that we all double down now and remain vigilant. We must do all we can to stop the spread:

  • Please have children social distance and wear masks outside the home - even when they are with close friends or relatives from a different household.

  • Have children and everyone in the car wear masks when carpooling and crack the windows if weather permits.

  • Please discourage indoor gatherings and parties where unsupervised tweens and teens will likely not social distance or wear masks.

  • Bundle up and encourage supervised small outdoor get-togethers and activities when weather permits with social distancing and mask wearing.

  • For our children participating in sports, be sure that when they are not actively exercising they wear masks and social distance from teammates.
  • PLEASE follow NYS Guidelines. If you have had close contact with someone with Covid-19 you must quarantine for 14 days from the day of contact even if you test negative for the virus.

  • If you have college students returning home, please make sure they test just before leaving school, quarantine in their room at home for 4 days after arriving in NY and get tested on the fourth day after arrival to make sure they are Covid-free. As much as they will want to get together with friends and family members when they arrive home it is absolutely crucial to prevent community spread that they remain in quarantine for 4 days and test negative before seeing their friends.

  • Reinforce to your teens and college students how important it is that they stay responsible and wear masks and social distance when they are with friends.

  • Please Covid test any family member that has symptoms that can be associated with Covid including cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, body aches, fatigue or loss of taste or smell.

  • If you get a call from NYS Contact Tracing, please pick up. Contact tracers are working around the clock to trace clusters and inform people who have been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid19.

Let’s keep our families and community safe during this holiday season. We are all under tremendous stress and yearn for normalcy. While this year will be unlike any other, let’s make the best of the situation and stay HF Strong! Look for resources below on how to keep Thanksgiving safe and fun. We have also included information on when gaming becomes unhealthy, teens and social media, how to make sure kids get enough sleep, and more!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!
Please consider limiting your Thanksgiving gathering to your immediate household members. Public health experts agree that small household gatherings are among the key reasons COVID-19 cases are rising again. Read the tips below that will help keep your Thanksgiving holiday fun and safe.
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Along with establishing regular routines for our children, getting exercise, and eating healthy, getting enough sleep is an important factor when it comes to addressing stress and anxiety. This is especially important now as many of our children are grappling with the changes brought about by Covid. Read here how you can encourage healthy sleep habits for your children.
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Transgender Awareness Week took place this month. Below find resources for parents to help support our LGBTQ children.