Why You Should Attend PNSQC:
A Past Presenter Shares 5 Big Takeaways
For last year's conference presenter Berglind Bergsdóttir came all the way from Iceland to Portland. In a post she wrote right after the conference, she shares the powerful talks that most energized her.

Her overall impression? The program and the people make PNSQC special. "Like at all great conferences, it’s not just the talks that are inspiring, but also the people and I made some great connections," she wrote. "Portland is an amazing city with quality food, quality coffee, and quality people. Americans are generally so open and friendly, and even more so in Portland than in many other cities. Finally, a big kudos to the organizers of the conference."

You can read her 5 Big Takeaways by clicking the link below, they are some reasons for you to attend!

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