Newsletter August 2020
Hard to Believe!
Happy end of August. Before you know it, the heat of Summer will be turning to the cool, crisp feel of Fall.  I am ready! Hard to believe it is almost September. Even more difficult to comprehend for me is the significance of this date. This marks the beginning of year 19 for my business. It doesn’t seem possible that 18 years have flown by already.
I want to say THANK YOU to all I have met. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many people and many teams. And I have learned SO much along the way. The absolute biggest and most unexpected benefit has been the relationships formed with many of you. I never considered that aspect waaaay back when I started my business. It is the single greatest joy and blessing for me. Thank you for allowing me into your world.
Hopefully, I have helped you learn and grow as a result. And helped improve your life at work…and away from work. You certainly have impacted mine in that way!

Here are just a few things that continue to come up and be reinforced, again and again.
Dave's Top 10 List
  1. Be yourself. Your style will work. Just figure out what it is and how to use it.
  2. Be genuine.
  3. Be honest. You owe it to yourself and those on your teams.
  4. Be consistent. Nobody likes a “Dow Joneser”.
  5. Communication is king! Feedback, recognition and LISTENING rule.
  6. Give your best every day. One thing you can control is effort, along with attitude.
  7. Manage to the individual. We all have goals and expectations, both ours and those laid out for us. How we get there can vary based on how we are “wired” as individuals. And it should!
  8. Set CLEAR expectations. This helps drive goals, priorities and communication.
  9. Relationships matter.
  10. Don’t forget to recognize and celebrate your successes. The big ones and the little ones!!
It has been a very unusual and trying world this year. The one thing that helps us get through it is the people in our lives we can count on. Don’t forget to say “Thank You”.
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