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Sept. 12, 2019
" When you look into the eyes of an animal you've rescued, you can't help but fall in love. "
I have often heard the arguments that dogs are better than cats. I love both, and I rescued a cat. It was the right thing for us at the time. I cherish Baxter just as much as someone loves their dog(s), and I find him personable, funny and highly trainable... Really he is, well, most of the time.

At the moment he is on a diet. Yup... he's fat. He doesn't get much exercise, and he is really good at being a couch potato. Cutting back is not the only thing that will help in this matter. So I need to look into what foods I can feed him, (he has a particular condition that creates Struvite Crystals in his bladder,) to help him lose the weight.

It is always good to have help with navigating those tricky steps to proper pet nutrition. Stella & Chewy's is a line we carry and is an excellent company that gives great advice to its customers. This week's Blog Post is by S & C and they show us how to read a dog food label. Their website is a great resource of information, for all to digest... yes pun intended.

See below for the story on Hachi, the rescue dog that won the hearts of the Cape Cod's Cutest Pet Contest

Always rescue. In turn, it will rescue you.

Be well -♥ Nan
Big enough to serve you
Small enough to know you.
The Winner of the 2019
Cape Cod's Cutest Pet Contest
A Little Belated!
Meet Hachi! He was the winner of the 2019 Cape Cod's Cutest Pet Contest put on by CapeCod.com and held here at HCG on Aug. 10th

He had just been brought in to the MSCPA when Ken and Elena came to look for the companionship of a dog. They were told he seemed to have been on his own for a while. It was perfect timing.

Hachi is named after Hachiko the famous Akita from Japan whose true story was the inspiration for the movie

Hachi came to Ken and Elena at a time in their lives that felt like it was meant to be.

Shortly after Hachi arrived, the couple found that they were pregnant and soon Sophia, their daughter, was part of their family.

The Japanese word Hachi means 'wise leaf' (think sage) and it represents the number 8, which is considered a lucky number.

There is no doubt, the luck this family has been bestowed, and now they share that fortune wherever they go.
Congratulations Hachi, and family!
Our Guest Blogger for this week
How to Read Dog Food Labels
Written by Veterinarian Dr. Greg Martinez
Understanding Dog Food Nutrition Labels
What information can you get from reading the nutrition label on the side or back of a package, box, or can of dog food? The label on a package of dog food lets us know the types and amounts of ingredients used in our pet’s food. High-quality pet foods, like Stella and Chewy’s, have named animal meat and organ meat, as well as organic vegetables and fruits as main ingredients. Since the ideal dog food is a natural mixture of meat, organs and smaller amounts of carbohydrates, you can easily spot those quality ingredients in the best foods. In some cheaper dog food,
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