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July 22, 2017Premier Fly-In Only Canadian Trophy Hunting News

HardCore Pursuits Rocks It Again !

Huge bear


Mike Pelletier and his show Hardcore Pursuits is a hunting show with a slightly different angle. Using a different take on editing, we find Mike's shows exciting and informative.

Huge BearMike was excited as he prepared for his late June 2017 spring bear hunt. Having gotten a taste of it with a great 2016 experience, he could not wait to return to the North Seal. He and cameraman Rob Kivela were not disappointed. This year, they sampled Whitmore Lake with veteran guide John T. Whitmore is a great lake with huge bears and great fishing. The bears were a touch wily, pounding the baits but teasing the guys for the two magic moments they were waiting for. After a few days with some good hours put in, things began to click. It started with Rob taking a beautiful 6'+ , 300 lb. chocolate. Rob got a good shot in but unfortunately, the opportunity came late at the end of hunting hours. With the subarctic's limited darkness enveloping them, the guys decided to leave the bear until early the next morning. When they were returned, they were shocked. In only a few hours, a pack of Huge Bearwolves had moved in and eaten the bear clean from the shoulders down. Mike said in all his years of hunting he had never seen anything like that ! A shame it happened to such a beautiful bear but the hunting footage is excellent.

The final adventure was Mike's and it did not disappoint. The travel cams revealed a big black working one of the baits. Mike put in several days waiting on this particular bear. The result was a magnificent spring 7' black which weighed almost 400 lbs. A great trophy to go along with his 2016 blonde.

Another classic North Seal bear experience. Big bears, totally unpredictable, and awesome pike and walleye fishing to boot. It doesn't get better than this and that's why experienced hunters like Mike embrace this unique experience, returning again and again !

2017 Hunts Still Available

If you are looking to still jump on a hunt this Fall, look no further. We still have some limited openings for caribou Sept. 16-23 and 23-30 this year. For those looking for monster moose, we have two hunts left Sept. 30 thru Oct. 7. Two months to go and you still have an opportunity to enjoy a great adventure. Give us a call or email and we can share the details.

2018 Hunts

For those looking to hunt with us in 2018, give us a call now. Remember these hunts are limited in number. For spring bear, we only take 18 hunters over a remote 5,000,000 acre fly-in only area. Monster moose over a 5,000,000 acre area as well. North America's finest caribou herd. All hunts are starting to fill so best to lock in now and guarantee yourself a slot for 2018 .


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