Heath Hardee
Field of Gold
Oil, Wood and Leaves on Panel
25 5/8" x 21 9/16"
Heath Hardee
Little River, SC

Artist Statement:
Nature speaks to us in various ways with a gambit of emotions. It is the balance and harmony of opposites; sometimes minimal, other times complex. 

As an artist. I aim to create imagery capturing each viewer in an emotional, intimate way through bold statements of simplistic complexity. More than focusing on basic lights and darks of a scene, I choose to emphasize balanced color harmonies and express the subtleties and extremities of mood and temperature in all subjects. I choose to show this at times via landscapes, while others I choose to express via studio works. At first glance my images may appear to be simply massive, monochromatic color fields, however I craft them to speak to each viewer on a psychological note due to their size, color, and subiect matter. Built and balanced through veils of colors, their structure parallels nature's own balance. Nature is my most valued teacher. 

I believe that having one specific style creates restraints on inventiveness. The lack of limitations has actually strengthened my versatility in ability to produce both mood evocative and topographically correct works in a wide range of mediums.

Artist Biography:
Always the perfectionist and technician of pure artistic expression, the Myrtle Beach, SC-born Heath L Hardee earned his BF A in Painting from the .Savannah College of Art and Design. As a professional fine arts painter, Hardee has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the eastern United States, selling his works to art collectors and admirers across North America. 

Hardee concentrated on the foundations of painting through still-life, figurative, and landscape subjects. He came to the belief, just as the masters of old, that nature truly is the best teacher. By venturing among nature's vast variables, he learned to manipulate the subtleties and extremities of both color and temperature in all of his subjects. More than focusing on the basic lights and darks of a scene, he emphasizes balanced color harmonies creating more mood-evocative imagery. 

Hardee's works can be characterized as bold statements  of simplistic complexity; from lifelike, plein air paintings of the local low country, to large-scale, primal animal conceptions, to abstract inventive creations. Each work seemingly takes on a life of its own, speaking to each viewer differently, in an emotional, intimate way. He believes that having one specific artistic style creates restraints on inventiveness, and the lack of these limitations actually strengthen his versatility to produce both mood evocative and topographically correct works in a range of mediums. 

Heath currently resides in Little River, SC producing unique works of art from his local studio.