April 2, 2020
Our world looks very different today than it did at the start of March; roadways and shops are empty. Gyms and stadiums sit dormant. Homes are full of families with children remotely learning while parents find new rhythms working remotely. But some aspects of life remain the same. The sun still rises every day. Families and friends are still looking out for one another. And we at HKM&P are still “here”, albeit working remotely, to protect our clients, just like we have for decades. We have had Zoom video remote oral arguments of motions and remote mediations since the COVID-19 crisis kicked in and the courts, at least in New Jersey, seem intent on keeping justice in motion to the best extent possible.
Another unwavering constant is that federal and state courts continue to issue opinions and we continue to track them. This may seem trivial to some, for others it brings a sense of normalcy, but, for all of us, it shapes the world in which we continue to live and work. So we hope you will take a few minutes to read about these recent decisions impacting legal issues our clients regularly encounter.
Mejia v. Quest Diagnostics, Inc. , Docket No. A-88-18 (082739), __ N.J. __ (2020)
Chartis Prop. Cas. Co. v. Inganamort , ___ F.3d ___, No. 19-1903 (3d Cir. 2020)
Schoneboom v. Allstate N.J. Ins. Co. , Docket No. A-1472-18T2 (App. Div. Mar. 19, 2020) (per curiam)
Tomeo v. Edleston , Docket No. A-2050-18T4 (App. Div. Mar. 30, 2020) (per curiam)
Greening v. Levine , Docket No. A-2660-18T3 (App. Div. Mar. 9, 2020) (per curiam)
Rowe v. Madison , Docket No. A-4412-17T1 (App. Div. Mar. 12, 2020) (per curiam)
Ostrowsky v. Building , Docket No. A-4069-18T1 (App. Div. Mar. 25, 2020) (per curiam)
Fisher v. Yum Yum Bagel Café , Docket No. A-0818-18T2 (App. Div. Mar. 23, 2020) (per curiam)
Wejnert v. McCain Foods USA, Inc. , Docket No. A-1525-18T1 (App. Div. Mar. 18, 2020) (per curiam)
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