Hardwired vs. Battery Powered Alarms
An exit alarm is an electronic device that activates an alarm when a door is opened. There are several types of exit alarms, including (but not limited to) door alarms, door prop alarms, and door management alarms.

There are many alarms on the market, and knowing your application needs is crucial for deciding which alarm to get.


  • Multiple alarms can be connected together to monitor multiple doors
  • Battery backup available on most alarms
  • Other alarm systems, such as a burglar alarm, fire alarm, or carbon monoxide alarm, can be wired into one system
  • Harder to install
  • Higher installation and maintenance costs
  • Moving equipment and adding on is more complex
  • Could stop working in the event of a power outage

Battery Powered

  • Easier to install
  • Lower installation costs
  • Some battery powered alarms can be mounted directly on the door, saving valuable wall space
  • Won't stop working in the event of a power outage
  • Have to replace batteries
  • Stand-alone
Did You Know?
Detex offers many types of alarms, including door alarms (hardwired and battery powered), door prop alarms (hardwired and battery powered), remote alarms, timed bypass alarms, and door management alarms.
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