This is something we have been waiting for since I tasted it in my home with two Master Sommeliers, one sit the glass down and simply stated “ well there ya go”. Well there ya go is right, at first sip you know you are tasting something very special. Made from young vines sourced from Harlan, BOND, and Promontory estates.

This wine offers a unique glimpse into wines selling for thousands of dollars a bottle all while maintaining a $150 price tag. Designed to take on decades in the cellar or drinking upon release with some decanting, unlike it’s more expensive counterparts, we don’t need to stare at it through a cellar door waiting for it to evolve for 10 years.
The dog on the label is an engraving of “Prince” from over 100 years ago, it was used on the Farmers Deposit National Bank of Pittsburgh, for the bank's stock certificates. Prince lived in the bank greeting customers.
Tasting notes:
Aromas suggest cool, fragrant mists, an intermingling of bright fruit with gentle florals, and traces of fresh, wild herbs. A sip reveals a polished core—a soft, inviting texture bonded by strength. These playful curves resolve towards an elevated finish, as well as light, colorful notes that dance on the palate—and entice the imagination.

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Mike Good
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The Mascot Red Blend Napa Valley 2016
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