In this time of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Harm Reduction once again offers us critical practical tools and strategies to assess, navigate, and reduce risks associated with the virus, while supporting overall health and well-being. Although typically used in relation to drug related harm, Harm Reduction is universal in that it provides tools, principles, practices, and strategies that can be implemented to also effectively address harms that are not directly related to drug use. Thus Harm Reduction is a perfect framework to use as we navigate the ongoing uncertainties, changes, and risks during this time. Course participants spend the day primarily focused on learning and then practicing concrete and useful tools/strategies for assessment and intervention of virus related risk. However, we will also ground in the core pillars and principles so that our work will be guided by and deeply rooted in Harm Reduction values. The goal is for participants to leave the day being able to put Harm Reduction based tools and strategies into action in their work in whatever ways are most meaningful and relevant at this time.