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Harmony Theater has a new choreographer! Christina Fuscellaro hails from New Jersey. Christina is gifted in acting, dance, voice, and piano. She owes her early interest in dance to her mother, who enrolled her in a dance school at the age of two and half years old! Christina continued with that same dance school until high school graduation. After high school, she attended Rider University, where she majored in Musical Theater Performance. In the summer of 2011, Christina performed in various regional productions, in several northeastern states. Upon graduation from college, Christina moved to New York to perform on and off in various productions for four years. Due to the demands of travel, Christina moved back to the NJ/PA area to plant roots near her family.  

Harmony Theater needed a choreographer and Christina has a giving heart. It was a match! Christina joined Harmony Theater and shares that she has been impressed by the level of commitment demonstrated by the directors and the actors. She noted that there is an "enjoyable atmosphere" at Harmony. Her goal is to bring the musical, 101 Dalmatians , alive to the audience.  She wants to guide the actors to a place where they stretch their abilities and try movements they may not have previously explored.  We are looking forward to this amazing Harmony Theater team production debuting on May 17,18, and 19, at Church of the Messiah. In addition, Christina is performing in Dames at Sea in Souderton on March 19. She is playing a part that pays homage to theater divas. 
Another Fun Lunch with Harmony's Directors
After a January rehearsal, many actors participated in "Lunch with the Directors," a special event where actors and directors share lunch and an activity. Begun well over a decade ago, everyone looks forward to this time together. This year crafting was the activity and as usual, there was much laughter and fun involved!
Thank you to all who participated in our DIne and Donate at MaGerk's in Horsham in February. Harmony Theater raised $237.45 thanks to your participation and MaGerk's generosity.
Thank you to Harmony families and friends who have contributed items, gift cards, and other raffle items for our Designer Bag Bingo to be held next month on April 6.
FROM THE TOP:   Message from a Harmony Leader

Harmony's "Big 2-5"
by Jackie Mullock, Executive Director
How exciting that we launch our Harmony Newsletter digital version in 2019! Our performers will be experiencing many exciting opportunities in 2019-2020, as we celebrate our 25 th year on stage. 
Thank you to Marie Kniedinger and Sharon Pfeiffer for the years of wonderful Harmony Headlines publications you created to highlight our amazing performers and the organization’s efforts to support them. BRAVA! Thank you to our new Harmony Headlines team, Diane Schlegel and Peggy Shelly, for volunteering to continue our newsletter.
During a recent meeting we realized that the 2019-20 season is our 25 th and that we should be celebrating this wonderful milestone. In 13 seconds my thoughts went something like this: 25 ...really?.... gulp, wow....oh boy, this is big.... ugh, a lot of work.... our performers deserve this..... ok, let’s get started.....  
Just like with our families, we constantly shift priorities and pull together to lift each other up. This upcoming season is when the Harmony family is needed to come together to celebrate our milestone of 25 years of stage performances!!!  I am thrilled and honored to be part of this Harmony family, especially during the celebration year. I hope you will feel the same and join the planning committee as we pull together for the " Big 2-5."
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