Harmony Highlights:
Feb. 2021 Edition

Over 100 faculty, staff, and students joined the Harmony Public Schools - El Paso school spirit, car parade Saturday, February 6 at each of the four Harmony campuses in El Paso.

The first 100 days of school looked very different this year, with the majority of classes being held virtually due to COVID-19. This was especially true for the newly constructed Harmony campus, Harmony School of Science, that opened in August 2020 to empty classrooms. Therefore, Harmony wanted to find a way to do something special to acknowledge the teacher’s and student’s hard work, while bringing the community together to celebrate safely.

In 2020 car parades became a very popular and safe alternative to celebrate special occasions. Therefore, we thought this would be a great way to show our school spirit and “drive” awareness for our district, while maintaining social distancing.

We are still accepting application for NEW students for the 2021-2022 school year. Please share with friends/family who might be interested in becoming a part of the Harmony family.

Visit https://harmonytx.org/apply to learn more.

Harmony Science Academy Lubbock fourth grade student, Ihsan Imran, was featured in Newsweek's "My Turn" series on February 9 for the robotic sanitizer dispenser he created.
Click LINK for full article.
A special congratulations to HSA senior counselor, Hortencia Lazcano, for being nominated for the College Board Counselor Recognition program. The College Board Counselor Recognition Program honors the innovative middle and high school counselors who go the extra mile to expand opportunity for students—and who are seeing results. This year, the College Board recognized more than 400 school counselors nominated by colleagues for their work in their school and community.
In honor of Black History Month, celebrated in February, Harmony School of Innovation art students decorated the campus' front windows and created an artistic celebration of achievements by African Americans. Drawings included; Maya Angelou, Prince, Mohamed Ali and others.
On February 8, in celebration of reaching 100 days of school in the inaugural school year, Harmony School of Science students, both in-person and virtual, dressed like they were 100 years old.

100 Days of School VIRTUALLY flew by!

Throughout the month of February students at the Harmony School of Excellence have been performing random Acts of Kindness. From opening doors, helping in the garden to doing extra chores. Students are trying to reach a goal of 100 Acts of Kindness before the end of the month.

One of the 1st acts of kindness was by a student named Scarlett towards her teacher Ms. Rebecca Giron. Scarlett shared a piece of her hair with her teacher who lost her hair due to a recent illness.
The week of February 8, HSA Odessa celebrated Sweetheart Spirit Week. Themes for the week included, I love being a team player (students wore their favorite team jersey), I love how smart I am (students wore their thinking caps), I love my community (each class wore a specific color), and I love how unique I am (free dress). I love Harmony!
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