"In Her Embrace: Celebrating Goddess of Love"
Beltane - Soul Motion® Workshop
Front Royal, VA

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Early May is the time when Beltane fires were lit all over the Land (in the days of Goddess) to signal the beginning of summer, and the rekindling of passion, love, relationship, and sexuality.

Would you like to enter into a more holistic way of life and:
  • Rekindle your connection to life, passion and creativity with confidence?
  • Reconnect to Mother Earth and the natural world, and open your senses to wonder?
  • Recommit to your beloved with your full capacity of love?
  • Receive and be received by the Goddess of the Land and feel empowered?

Then JOIN ME! 
This workshop / ritual celebration will bring you deeper, Into Her Embrace, combining the cosmic energy of the New Moon with the seasonal energy of Beltane.

We will:
  • Call in the Wheel of Brigid Ana and invoke a sacred field of all potentiality
  • Move held or stagnant energies in our bodies/minds/emotions through Soul Motion®, a conscious dance and movement practice
  • Sit in circle, and hold council, a native American way of deep listening to ourselves and each other for healing
  • Release in ritual, our beliefs and patterns that are ready to be let go
  • Call in qualities and energies we would like more of by setting intent

DATE: Saturday, May 4, 2019
TIME: 2pm – 4:30pm
LOCATION: 209 Trent Trail Ct., Front Royal, VA 22630
(entry code will be given to you once you register)
COST: $48

Space is limited. Register now to secure your spot.
Yukiko Amaya is an empowered and skillful energy weaver, healer, shaman, and priestess. She is passionate about connecting deeper with our intuitive soul through embodiment practices that balance our cognitive and intuitive minds. Yukiko is a certified Soul Motion® teacher, yoga and meditation teacher, shamanic healer and Priestess of Avalon in the 2 nd spiral of training. She has been in continuous practice of the embodied sacred since the 1980’s, and leads workshops and sacred immersions worldwide.

" Be ready for depth diving at its best when you study with Yukiko. Her depth of life experience in the healing and moving arts provides a layer of first person reality that you can never quite match in books and study."
~ Arjuna Vinn Marti, creator of Soul Motion® ~

"The experience with Yukiko was amazing. I felt things I had never felt before. I now allow myself to do things I did not dare to do before."
~ Tahane, Palestinian participant of Beyond Words peace group from Israel ~

" The invite to commit and stay open, to engage into all vibrations in and around us has been guiding me, and its been a blessings. Thanks to Yukiko for sharing these amazing teachings."
~ Claudia Meglin, Los Angeles, CA
Deep Gratitude and Love. Blessed Be.

Yukiko Amaya
Sundari Sacred Arts
(310)866 2476
Yukiko Dancing
Dance from your Soul to practice a spirited Life: improvised, free, daring, heart opened, connected to earth, moving with the web of all life, completely in love, never the same, and astonishingly beautiful by default.