Leadership, Teamwork and the Trails Stewardship Act in this April E Newsletter from the PNTA

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Thank you. Volunteers and donors like you help us to fulfill our important mission - protecting the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail for the enjoyment of generations to come and providing recreation and education for our users, today.

Two remarkable events took place last year that have gone largely unnoticed in the outdoor community. One of them happened on the Pacific Northwest Trail in the Colville National Forest and the other took place on the other side of the continent in Washington D.C.

If you have wondered how our trails will continue to remain open and safe during a period of extended budget cuts to our National Parks and National Forests, then the Trails Stewardship Act, which Congress signed into law last year, may hold the answer (and it involves you).

Community Outreach in 2017

Our online community continues to grow as more people discover the Pacific Northwest Trail. We have already held seven fun and informative events across the Northwest this year, with many more to follow. 

It has been exciting to meet the next group of PNT thru-hikers getting ready to hit the trail later this summer in Portland. We also had the chance to meet with those of you interested in learning more about Washington's two amazing National Scenic Trails, in a presentation shared with the Pacific Crest Trail Association, at the Bellingham REI.

Special thanks goes to everyone who came out to meet with us. Stay tuned to our events calendar for info on events near you!

The Pacific Northwest Trail

Join us at the REI in Bellingham on May 23rd at 6:00 pm.  Learn all you need to know to start planning your PNT hike. PNTA staff members and thru-hikers, Jeff Kish & Eric Wollborg will share a presentation to inspire and prepare you to head out on one of our wildest and most rugged National Scenic Trails. 

What a Difference a Mile Will Make
How the Finished Tursi Trail Perfects the PNT on Fidalgo Island

History has shown that achieving the best possible route for a National Scenic Trails can take decades of collaboration and effort to accomplish. The John Tursi trail, finished in 2016, will trade traffic for tread on Fidalgo Island.

The details: the PNT makes use of the Anacortes Forest System Trails south of the city. Previously, where this trail system ends, near the Lake Erie Grocery and Trailer at the intersection of Heart Lake and Rosario Roads, the highway portion of the PNT began. Now, only a short stretch of highway connects the PNT to the new Tursi Trail.

Those who thru-hiked or traveled this section in its entirety before 2016 will fully appreciate the benefits of the new route, chiefly, relocating the trail off of Fidalgo Island highways. The new route is also one mile shorter and offers some of the best natural scenery on the island. The Tursi Trail even passes three historic sites on its way south toward other trails in Deception Pass State Park, the most-visited park in Washington.

"Mount Baker, Bellingham Washington... " by Rick Leche - Photography is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Baker to Bellingham Recreation Plan

On March 14th, the PNTA gave a presentation to the Baker to Bellingham Recreation Planning Committee in support of using Whatcom County DNR lands for future improvements to the Pacific Northwest Trail. 

The details: this committee makes recommendations to the Washington State Departments of Natural Resources (DNR) to guide the development of recreation infrastructure on DNR land in Whatcom County. The committee represents the interests of a wide variety of stakeholder groups who cherish recreation on state lands. 

The next recreation planning committee meeting will be held on April 12th at the Deming Library, and is open to all members of the public. PNT supporters are encouraged to attend or submit comments. 

You can learn more about the project and share your feedback here

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