Greetings Harpists! As fall  approaches, keep cool 
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We've reread our publishing blog - it's pretty comprehensive and answers many questions. Though it is not current, most of the content still applies to this day.  If you are going to publish music, you might get a lot out of reading it HERE  

A visit from South Africa's Christy-Lyn and Megan 

Recent ly on a Friday morning we were gifted with a visit from South Africa's Christy-Lyn and her sister, Megan. What a fun time and a joy to speak with these lovely young ladies who made it a point to stop in while on their  whirlwind USA tour!  We shared laughter and business talk.  It was a good morning!    View Christy-Lyn's s ite here  . Megan promised to post  a picture of our cat,  Suki,  whom they charmed so nicely. Picture of Suki way at bottom.


Big News -  we now have the music of Sylvia Woods available in digital format!  (Includes Bonnie Goodrich's Small Tunes and Bouquet).  
We really like this picture of Sylvia from the cover 
of Harp Column Magazine, her second appearance there!


Used Harps  
This list is every changing, and we are surprised at some of the harps that appear!  Click  HERE.   

New from Sharon Thormahlen and Nicolas Carter
A collaboration by Nicolas Carter and Sharon Thormahlen,  
these tunes, arranged by Mr. Carter, have been further arranged and simplified
by Sharon for the intermediate beginner harp player.
Includes history and description of each tune and its composer.  
Also includes information about Latin American music,  
technical notes on the music, and suggestions for practicing.  
Chords are notated above the treble line, keys of F, C, G,  
syncopation, some accidentals and glisses. Mr. Carter's Website: 
Titles: Llegada, Palomita Guasiruca, Mercedita, Melodía Para Ti, Recuerdos de Ypacarai, Tres de Mayo, La Paloma, Guantanamera, El Condor Pasa, Moliendo Cafe, and Luna Lllena

New From Angi Bemiss!  
Angi is SO well known for her uncomplicated arrangements.  
Her website shares a paraphrase from Frank Lloyd Wright: 
Making it complicated is easy. Keeping it simple is an art. 

If you're looking to start a new project, Verlene Schermer has a growing collection of tools to enhance your musicianship.   Her "Harp Newbies" books premiered about a year ago, and she has since embellished her offerings. Following the path of standard piano instruction,  Verlene offers   lesson | activities | repertoire (tune)  books at the levels of:
Harp Newbie | (Not Quite) Harp Newbies | (No Longer) Harp Newbies

the original:

To see all of Verlene's offerings, click HERE
To see Verlene's digital offerings, click HERE

RIP Samuel Milligan:  1932 - 2019 
A very considerable individual of the harp world, Mr. Milligan passed away on August 27. Most of us played from his "Fun From the First" and "Medieval to Modern."  Read more about him on the Harp Column site  and his website   View the very many lovely reminiscences on his FB page. He was near and dear to so very many harpists.  Words cannot embrace his influence on the harp world and its players, how greatly he is   missed and how highly thought of he was. Martha Griffith said, "Wow, end of an era" and Ann Yeung said, "Fun from the First to Last." His friends and admirers are countless. 
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