Zenobia Harper
Woman of Inspiration
Mixed Media
19" x 16" x 9"
Zenobia Harper (Washington)
Georgetown, SC

The dolls that Zenobia creates  are a celebration of the lives of the many amazing women that have influenced her. Although each doll is one of a kind, they all share a common thread, they are all ambassadors of the Gullah culture. Within their chocolate brown and ebony forms, their fabrics, beads, and feathers, each doll is created to tell stories of survival, triumph, and love... Stories of Gullah people. 

"My community is rich with wise women, healers, warriors, and black butterfly dancers. My dolls pay respect and homage to the women that raised and continue to nurture me. Each one says thank you for keeping me grounded in a culture that is both my resting and rejuvenating place, my home, my self."

Living in Georgetown, South Carolina, Zenobia is a full time Mother, and Artist. She is an Artist in Residence with the South Carolina Art Commission. Her artwork is featured in numerous g alleries , and is enjoyed in many private art collections.