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Client Spotlight
We are pleased to announce our joint accomplishment of achieving a Go-Live PACS milestone with Denton CAD. We want to congratulate everyone on their team and ours that made this moment possible. We are eager to have them participate along with the rest of our metro clients by providing input into the on-going development of PACS Evolution and future services.

Conversions are never fun or easy but often necessary especially when you are ultimately looking for mutual benefits and success for both parties.

Denton CAD, we are excited to have you back. Welcome back to the Harris Govern Family!!
PACS Evolution
FREE 45 Day Trial of Business Intelligence for PACS TX Clients!
Business Intelligence (BI) is the newest feature introduced through Evolution as an add-on module. BI captures the immense amount of data available in PACS and introduces data visualization. Users can access visual progress reports or analyze data trends to communicate with entities, taxpayers and staff.

Beta Clients
  • Bell County Tax Appraisal District
  • Bexar Appraisal District
  • El Paso Central Appraisal District
  • McLennan County Appraisal District
PACS 8.0 Browser Requirements
The integration of Evolution features into PACS 8.0 requires the MS Edge chromium browser. At this time, only the specific version is compatible.
Please ensure you have Edge Canary build installed in the system where PACS 8.0 client is installed. If there is already a previous version of the Edge browser, please uninstall. 

PACS Evolution and BI could require additional hardware and SQL version upgrades. SQL 2017 is required to run PACS Evolution and BI.

BI is a value add-on module which has additional costs. We are offering a FREE 45 day trial of this value add-on module, so click the below link to contact Manny!
New Clients & Recent Go-Lives
Welcome New Clients
We're excited to welcome our newest clients to the Harris Govern family!

  • Denton Central Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Hardin County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Miami-Dade County, FL (OpenForms)
  • Nacogdoches Central Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Santa Cruz County Treasurer, AZ (CollectWare)
  • Wise County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
New OpenForms Migration Projects
Thank you to the Harris Govern clients' commitment to the OpenForms platform! We appreciate their excitement about the migration to OpenForms and we're delighted to maintain an even longer partnership with our clients:

  • City of Janesville, WI (client since 2007)
  • City of St. John's, NL (client since 2008)
Recent Client Go-Lives
  • City and Borough of Juneau, AK Phase 1 Business Tax (Self-Reported Tax) (OpenForms)
  • Denton Central Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Flagler County Property Appraiser, FL (PACS)
  • Town of Southampton, NY Tax Office Phase 1 Migration Project (OpenForms)
  • Villages of Southampton, NY Phase 1 Migration Project (OpenForms)

Recent Mobile Go-Lives
  • Bell County Tax Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Brewster County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Cass County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Douglas County Assessor, CO (RealWare)
  • Gunnison County Assessor, CO (RealWare)
  • Hamilton Central Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Parmer County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Pierce County Assessor, WA (RealWare)
  • Stevens County Assessor, WA (PACS)
  • Yoakum County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)

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Support Knowledge Base
What is Knowledge Base?
Knowledge Base was introduced as our one-stop Client Hub for everything you’ll need. Knowledge Base is found in TeamSupport and is aimed at providing concise, targeted training on the tools and topics that matter most to our clients.
Interested in granting your users access to the Knowledge Base without the ability to view, create or edit support tickets? No problem! Our support team can configure read-only accounts for all of your organization's end users, giving them full access to the Knowledge Base, and if desired, view-only access to your organization's ticket queue.
A Knowledge Base article can include:
  • Written articles
  • Video content
  • Links/attachments to documentation
  • Webinars/training info
Reminder - Check Your Contacts
Our TeamSupport Client Hub allows access for users in your system to gain access to create tickets, initiate chats, and explore our knowledge base articles. It is a good habit to check your user contacts annually to ensure that the appropriate users in your office have access.
As a reminder, we have Regular User Status and Light User Status. A Regular User has authorization to create tickets, initiate chats, and review our knowledge base repository. This level is generally allocated to supervisors or your IT Department based on your business process of escalating issues to Harris Govern. A Light User does not have the ability to open tickets but may explore our Knowledge Base repository. This may be a good resource for users in your office who may want to learn more.
To review your contacts in Team Support (to add/delete or modify users), simply contact support. 
Major Tax Events
As a reminder, the following Major Tax Events are occurring in the 1st quarter of 2021. Links to user guide documentation and training videos can be found in the Knowledge Base section of the Client Hub.

  • We recently received changes from the DOR regarding form updates. This is currently being worked on and will be made available in the March 2021 release.

  • Sales Ratio Report

  • End of Year Processing
  • Other Notes of Interest:
  • Development is currently working on updating forms recently changed by the Comptroller’s Office, which will be made available in January 2021.
  • Homestead Application
  • Appraisal Notices
  • BPP Renditions
In Case You Missed It
For recent PACS Florida and Texas Regional Meetings, check out Knowledge Base in TeamSupport!

PACS Florida Bulletin Issue 1
Click here to read the PACS Florida Bulletin Issue 1!

RealWare Colorado Bulletin Issue 1
Click here to read the RealWare Colorado Bulletin Issue 1!
Upcoming Events
Harris Govern is scheduled to participate in the following events in the next few months:
  • TAAD (Texas Association of Appraisal Districts)
  • GIS/Valuation Technologies
  • SCAAO (South Carolina Association of Assessing Officials)
  • FC IAAO (Florida Chapter of IAAO)
Harris Govern User Conference - Save the Date!
The Harris Govern User Conference is December 6-8, 2021 at the Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park in Plano, TX! Details including the agenda and registration information to follow in the coming months. We hope you can join us!!

To see more events that Harris Govern is attending, please visit our website here.
Mobile Product Updates
Auto Priority is Now Available!
This new feature allows admin users the ability to create and manage rules so that properties are marked as urgent or high priorities automatically each sync! Use your CAMA data to set your priorities. Was an active permit added to the property? Have it automatically set to a high priority as soon as that permit syncs to the cloud. 

Why build another spreadsheet? Set up your priority rules today!
Budget Reminder: iPad Replacement
Harris Govern recommends your organization put replacement iPad purchases in your budget every three (3) years. Just as any desktop computer needs to be replaced, your iPads will need to be updated and replaced as well.
New Mobile Clients
  • Denton Central Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Douglas County Assessor, NE (RealWare)
  • Greenlee County Assessor, AZ (RealWare)
  • Guadalupe Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Hale County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Hardin County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Mason Central Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Nacogdoches Central Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
  • Richland County Assessor, SC (RealWare)
  • Wise County Appraisal District, TX (PACS)
Product Enhancements
Check out what product enhancements have been released recently and others that will be released in 2021! This information and other product details can be found in the TeamSupport Knowledge Base.

Currently the team is performing multiple upgrades as part of our maintenance and support to existing OpenForms clients.
Here are highlights of a few new features available in PACS:

  • Special Assessment import
  • Import hearing information and rates
  • Building Permit import
  • Custom excel reports
  • Collective agency

  • Protest search results
  • Assign protest group name 
  • Publish evidence for non-eFile protests
  • Online request for and delivery of evidence
  • Search undelivered evidence
  • Print prepared evidence packets

  • Notice of HS residence qualification
  • Notice of canceled or removed exemption
  • Tax deferral date tracking

Data Security
  • Redacting owner name from exports

  • Partial payment calculation changes
  • Special Assessment payment options
  • Statement option for current owner changes

  • Property type - condo link type
  • New process for DOR state applied exemptions
  • Updates to the RMDL process to allow multiple improvements

  • ListBuilder direct export
  • New configuration of external GIS link to use EagleView in RealWare property inquiry site

  • ListBuilder direct export

HGO (Harris Govern Online)
  • Business Personal Property Portal
Texas Property Truth in Taxation (PTT)
To be compliant with Senate Bill 2 (SB2), over 40 Harris Govern PACS Texas clients have signed-up and are in the process of publishing our PTT (Property Truth in Taxation) website!

To see two websites in action, take a look at Falls CAD's website here and Bexar CAD's website here!

If your district's population is less than 200,000, you are required to comply with Senate Bill 2 (SB2) in 2021, so contact us if you are interested in seeing a demo or getting PTT pricing!
Employee Spotlight
Mike Gerhold, Manager of Professional Services
2022 Summary Maintenance Statements
Be on the lookout for our 2022 Summary Maintenance Statements for all Harris Govern clients. The statements are scheduled to be sent out in late March/early April.
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