Harrisburg Entrepreneur Finds Niche in Flavored Water Space
Harrisburg-native Sean Banks had an epiphany when he was restocking a cooler at the local convenience store he managed ā€” one that would lead him to starting Krisp Drinks LLC, a beverage company with the goal of providing a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and flavored waters.

Banks, an entrepreneur who previously started his own clothing line, noticed that he was restocking the flavored waters in his coolers multiple times a day. When he asked customers what compelled them to buy the products, many told him it was because of their perceived health benefits. Banks then had a second epiphany while ordering those drinks for the store. Out of all of the drinks he stocked the coolers with every day, none of them were produced by Black-owned companies.

He quickly got to work on Krisp Drinks LLC ā€” a flavored waters and drinks company that donates two percent of its profits to charities serving youth in underserved communities.

Krisp produces three beverage lines: Krisp Flava, subtly flavored spring water; Krisp Fruitish, spring water made with additional flavoring; and Krisp natural spring water. 
The business is more than just a source of income for him, it's about helping Central Pennsylvanians live healthier lives. ā€œIā€™m from Pennsylvania. Our water source is from Pennsylvania. Where I source my labels is from Pennsylvania. Our Eco-friendly recyclable bottles are from Pennsylvania. We are Pennsylvania proud," said Banks.

The Giant Company is excited to announce three SKUs from Krisp Drinks have recently been onboarded for their assortment. For now, Krisp Drinks can be purchased here on their website.

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