November 2022

Harrismith Elder Care and New Church Building Project

You will recall that last year, you helped us build a church in Harrismith, South Africa. In addition to church services, R4L groups, and trainings, it is also being used for community outreach. One example is the elder care group that you see above. The church is also used for kids to be tutored and do homework, and other outreaches.

Now we are raising funds for a church in Tugela Ferry, South Africa. It also will be a hub for community outreaches along with church services. The land measures about 3.7 acres, and fencing has already been put up to secure the property. The steel is being cut and should be installed after the beginning of the year. The building will measure 12x30 meters (about 39 x 98 feet). We expect the cost to be around $51,000 at today’s excellent exchange rate. We have raised about $34,000 so far and are working hard to get the additional funds to finish the project. If you would like to be a part of this, please donate on our website. On the second page of the payment process, select "TF church" from the projects dropdown box. Thanks for your support!

Foxes Receive Students of the Year Award

Harrismith Coordinator Cleo Gudazi (left) was invited to Thintwa High School as three of his R4L “Foxes” received best students of the year awards. (Foxes are students leading R4L groups with other students.) Cleo shares, “It gives me joy that our young people are flourishing in academics and in their walk with the Lord. Reach4Life was credited by the headmaster during his speech, saying it has brought a positive attitude towards the learners concerning their education. Each of these 3 Foxes lead a group of over 50 kids. They are growing as leaders, and we thank God for the R4L program.”

From Outcast to Role Model!

We appreciate the 32 Peer Educators who have been working in Swaziland this year. Peer Educator Thabile Mnisi (middle) says, “This is my 3rd year as a PE here in Swaziland. The R4L program has ignited our country, both in villages and cities. This program has transformed my life. I come from a terrible background which led me to make bad choices. I was an outcast in my community due to my bad lifestyle. But after giving my life to Christ, I joined the program. I have been able to warn others from taking bad decisions. I am now a role model in my community. I am asked to speak to hundreds of youth in schools and churches. We are equipped with a PE training which makes us confident whenever an opportunity is given to us to share. I thank the whole R4L family for being a blessing to us.”

Aftercare for Rehabs and Prisons

Last month we mentioned that the landlord of the Soweto office made additional space available on the first floor for the storage of R4L Bibles in an area that used to be an automotive shop. The team soon realized that there was more space that could be used for other purposes, so they cleaned it up, painted it, and bought tables and chairs. Above (right) you can see the new space. It is already being used for support groups for those coming out of drug rehabs and prisons, and for neighborhood referrals to rehabs. There are actually 12 tables so quite a few people can be in a group. Currently there are about 150 attendees on different days during the week. On the left is a R4L group at a drug rehab facility. Now when participants have completed their stay at a rehab, they can attend support groups. Social workers have offered to help with this initiative. Kids in the area have asked if they can use the room for studying when the room isn't being used, and the team is addressing that need as well.

Durban Boys Learn to Follow Christ, not Cultural Practices

On right, Coordinator Jacky Nhlapo (pink shirt) reports, “Today I am visiting one of our biggest R4L boys clubs here in Durban, led by these three gentlemen - Sipho, Lungelo and Bongani. Every Friday 262 boys meet at the school hall of the JG Zuma High school. Together they pray and study the word. Reach4Life is turning the lives of these boys around, cultural practices that promote polygamy and the abuse of women here in this boys club is taught against and Christ is taught as the only way. Each book in the hands of these boys is a weapon to fight against powers of darkness and the light is winning in these villages, Haleluya.” 


Another R4L Boys club at Myeni Secondary School, Durban (left) is led by Siphosethu Gama (on right). He shares, “There’s 97 of us. We call ourselves Brothers with a Purpose. Coordinator Jacky has been our mentor for 3 years. We have learned the role of a man on earth. We would love to have families one day. Therefore, we stand in prayer and the word to become better future leaders.”  

Year End Peer Educator Appreciation Gifts

Schools run from January to November, with a few short breaks. At the end of the year, small gifts of appreciation are given to the Peer Educators who have been serving so diligently all year. Coordinator Pastor Duma (right) says, “Today I collected from the post office gifts from our Johannesburg office going to different villages, to our Peer Educators and Foxes. Reach4Life makes these young missionaries feel appreciated for their year long commitment to the program. We appreciate all those that are giving to Prevention Time, who then send funds to us in Africa via our Ministry Phakama. Your kindness enables us to press on with the Lords work.”  

Department of Education Requests R4L in 78 Schools!

Thandy says, "We are excited to share that the Umzinyathi Department of Education in KwaZulu Natal has requested that we launch R4L in 78 of their schools when schools start in January. They have already mobilized the local churches to be trained to run the program. These are deep rural schools with no roads to transport teams, and Bibles will be a challenge, but we believe the Lord will make a way to reach the unreached youth of these villages." In the picture above, Miss Zuma (third from left) is the Director of Spiritual Programs in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. She recommended the R4L program to these schools. To her left is Xoli (green skirt), one of the Peer Educators in that area.

Progress Report for November

In November, a total of 9,652 books were distributed. Since this is the end of the school year, the groups had closing ceremonies. Above is the R4L closing assembly at Jabulani High in Soweto. Below is a training of prison chaplains in Ennardale.


"I Love Dramatizing the Bible Stories"

Cindy Masemula, 3, from Mohlali Primary School, Limpopo shares, “I love learning the Bible in our R4L group. There are very interesting topics. I love how our Peer educator dramatizes the bible stories. I want to be a teacher when I grow up. Reach4Life thank you for teaching me how to pray and to be a good person.” 

"I Found Brothers and Sisters"

Nompumelelo Sodlodlo, Grade 12, Lobamba High School, Swaziland (second from front) reports, “I have been part of the R4L group for 2 years. The groups have been a big blessing in my life. I have found brothers and sisters in the group. Together we study Gods word, we help each other grow in faith and in our godly lifestyles. I choose to wait for marriage, keeping my body pure is my worship.”  

"I Will Keep My Bible Safely"

Philly Matiwane, 18, Hillbrow High School, Johannesburg shares, “My life has changed since I joined the R4L group. I have learned so much about salvation, love, forgiveness, peer pressure, self image and how to make a difference in the world. This program is the light to many young people. It brings hope and encouragement to our sad society. I appreciate my own copy of the Bible, I will keep it safely, this book has given me answers I have needed in my life.”  

Teachers Doing R4L Groups

These seven teachers from seven Primary schools in Port Edward have been trained to use the R4L material and are running R4L groups in their schools. They are doing a great job working hand in hand with the Peer Educators.

"My Pages are Falling Off"

Thandolwethu Ndaba, 13, from Mkhulunyelwa Primary school, says, “I have enjoyed my R4L bible, I read it every day. It is the best gift anyone has ever given me. Some of my pages are falling off because that is how much I am reading it. I am no longer a sinner but a child of God. Now I do better in all that I do.”  

R4L in Pizza Restaurant!

Bheki (left), a long-time Ladysmith Peer Educator, recently got a job at a pizza restaurant in town. Since he can no longer go to schools, he asked his manager if he could do R4L devotions with staff every morning. He says it has been an exciting experience, working on the dough and then working on the hearts of his co-workers, teaching them the Word. Some have made commitments to Christ.

"I Had to Get Involved"

Mama Cotze (second from right) runs five R4L clubs in different squatter camps. She says, “When I heard about the R4L program I knew I had to get involved. I have seen drugs and gangs destroy our youth. Today we are launching in this new Primary school. The headmaster has given us the go ahead to run the program twice a week.” We are happy to report that the first day she began teaching the program, three boys made commitments to follow Christ.

"I Should Do My Role"

Kholiwe Mfihlo (left), age 17, shares, "I have enjoyed every lesson in my R4L Bible. I am no longer the same girl I was last year. I used to get into trouble a lot due to my not doing my schoolwork properly. But since we were taught about self-image and Obedience, I learned that I am a unique person created by God with a purpose and I should also do my role in this life. I am a new person, a happy person. I love sharing the word with my peers and leading them to the Saviour that redeemed my life too.” 

Clothing Drive Total!

Our clothing drive ended Nov 11, with a total for the year of 23,946 pounds (10,861 kg) which converted into $5,986. Thanks for your help!

The current Rand exchange rate is EXCELLENT at 18.3 Rand per dollar!

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