Hart Elementary School
450 Country Club Road
Lucas, TX 75002
August 25, 2017
Please Paws with us to refelect on the changes in this week's dismissal and our new Hart Beat location...
Hart Beat and Dismissal News
Message from the Principal
Lacey Moser

Hart Family and Friends,

This morning we had a practice Hart Beat with our students, and it went very well. This Hart Beat was meant to allow us to practice expectations and SHARP behavior (please ask your child what SHARP means). After careful evaluation, we have decided to move Hart Beat to the morning versus in the afternoon, and move it to the gym where there is more space (and well within the expectations of our fire code). I would like to share with you why we have made these changes based on feedback from staff and some parents.

Movement from Afternoon to Morning
  • Due to our master schedule and where each grade level's special rotation fell, we had to change the schedule on Hart Beat days. With Hart Beat in the morning, we will not have to change our schedule.
  • Previous Hart Beats ran long and past dismissal time which delayed dismissal. This becomes very significant for buses and parents waiting in carpool.  
  • This change for Hart makes us consistent within the district. Our other two elementary schools do their school-wide assemblies in the morning.
Movement to Gym from Cafeteria
  • Many of you know that past Hart Beats were wonderfully well attended. As our school continues to grow, we are outgrowing the cafeteria, and many parents have had to stand in the past. The gym provides plenty of space for our students and the bleachers offer lots of seating for parents.  
  • With this year's number of students and staff, as well as the amount of parents who may attend Hart Beat, we can easily be out of compliance for fire code in the cafeteria.
Dismissal Feedback

Dismissal the first week of school can sometimes feel stressful and slow. I wanted to share a few of the changes we made this year to help the flow and why those decisions were made. With change, there can be some hiccups, and as we work together, it will continue to get better.  
  • We evaluated the flow of the building and found that things were congested in the front hallway of the building as bus riders, Kids First, and carpool kids attempt to leave. As a result, we moved our carpool kiddos to the back of the building to exit for dismissal. This created more room for kids to line up in the front and made for less noise and congestion.
  • Walkers dismiss out of the North exit and will be picked up by parents. All other students are placed on a bus or put in a car, and we want to make sure our walkers are handed off to the correct person. We also had some little ones who were intimidated by the amount of parents (some with dogs :)) on the first couple of days.  
  • We talked with Puster and Lovejoy Elementary and learned that as student numbers are called in those schools during dismissal, they are directed to a painted number on the ground (we are using cones until our numbers get painted). The idea is that as kids line up in order six at a time, cars will load six at a time, then those cars will move on, and the next six will load the next group in line. This reminds me of lining up for a roller coaster ride. As students learn their numbers, the system will get faster, and the carpool lines will move much smoother. Puster and Lovejoy Elementary also shared that this process can be slow to get going in the first week or two.  
I can assure you that we are evaluating how dismissal is going each day and looking for ways to improve it. Our number one goal is for all students to leave the building in the correct way, with the correct person, and arrive home safely! We appreciate all your feedback and support and patience!  My cell number is 970-309-1581. Please feel free to call, text, or email any concerns or feedback.  

It really has been an amazing start to the year, and we have loved every minute with your kiddos this week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to a great second week!  
With a Full HeART,
Lacey Moser
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