Hart Elementary School
450 Country Club Road
Lucas, TX 75002
November 29, 2018
Message from the Principal
Lacey Moser

Dear Hart Families,

I wanted to share something new we have added to our cafeteria. We will now have NUT-FREE TABLE which will be located in the middle row of our tables at the table closest to the lunch line. The nut free table will be an option for those children who choose to sit here based on their particular food allergy and need. Friends, who have a nut free lunch are welcome to join the table as well.

In the past, we have had some severe episodes of food allergies requiring emergency medical care. We want all children to be able to sit where they feel comfortable and surrounded by their choice of peers, and this will create a space 
Thank you for your continued support of the safety of all of our students. Please let me know if you have any questions.

With a Full HeART,
Lacey Moser