Hart Elementary School
450 Country Club Road
Lucas, TX 75002
January 28, 2019
Message from the Principal
Lacey Moser

Family Science Night is this Wednesday January 30, 2019 from 6:30-8:00pm. This is a come and go event with many STEAM (science, technology, art and math) stations. We're so excited to welcome the Perot Museum and our very own Maker Space!

Volunteers are very important to make this night a success. If you are able to volunteer please click here


Flu Season Reminders:
  We are now having students with confirmed cases of Flu (mostly Flu type A). The most common symptoms are stomach ache, fever, headache, and tired-ness. If you take your child into the doctor for flu-like symptoms, please tell the physician that Flu cases are on the rise at school and they may want to Flu swab your child for appropriate diagnosis.
Frequent handwashing is vital to keeping this illness at bay. Now is a good time to review proper handwashing practices with young children. Using soap and rubbing vigorously under running water for about 30 seconds to one minute is
important to get rid of the germs that cause the flu. Asking young
children to "sing the ABCs" at a steady rate while washing will help
them reach the 30 second mark.

We are also requesting donations of disinfectant wipes. Please bring them to the front office. Thank you for your donation and helping keep our school as germ free as possible. 
As always please keep children at home if they have flu-like symptoms
or are running a fever. We ask that children be free from fever for 24
hours before returning to school to prevent illnesses from spreading. If your child is absent from school, written documentation is needed. Please email Alis_Brantl@lovejoyisd.net and Heather_Bouska@lovejoyisd.net with the date and reason for the absence. Thanks for all you do at home to keep your children healthy and in school.
Nurse Alli J

Have a wonderful evening.

With a Full HeART,
Lacey Moser