Hart Elementary School
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January 21, 2021
Message from Hart
Lacey Moser
Dear Hart Families,

We had so many fabulous entries for the yearbook cover contest. Thank you to all of you that submitted an entry. We selected a front cover winner and the 4 runner ups will be featured on the back cover. The front cover winner is Violet S, in 4th grade. Back cover runner up is Kylee T., 4th Grade, Emma S., 4th Grade, Sofie A., 4th Grade, and Dozie O., 3rd Grade. Congratulations to all!
Front cover winning entry by Violet S., 4th Grade.
Runner up:
Kylee T.-4th Grade
Emma S.- 4th Grade
Sofie A.- 4th Grade
Dozie O.- 4th Grade
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I wanted to share with our families that we will indeed have Valentine's parties on February 11. Unfortunately, students will NOT be permitted to bring in valentine cards or treats. In place of cards, students will make valentine greetings using Seesaw. I ensure you that we have several educational and engaging activities for the kids. We will also have a Hart Beat at 8:00 a.m. on February 11. Please click here to have the Hart Beat link emailed to you.

As always, please feel free to contact me.

With a Full HeART,
Lacey Moser
NEW!!!! HeART Inspired
Hart Elementary PTO- This is a long over due thank you to the Hart PTO. Every member goes above and beyond to make sure the teachers and staff feels appreciated and loved. Their generosity does not stop at our campus, but carries over to other vital departments of our district. Thank you!

Nurse Ali- Thank you nurse Ali for all your hard work trying to help our kids and keeping them safe and healthy. T.P

Mrs. Cloud- Mrs. Cloud is an amazing Kindergarten teacher. Whether she’s teaching virtually or in-person, she always has a smile on her face. She’s always there to answer any questions and make accommodations. Thank you for being so great. We love Mrs. Cloud!! J.S.
We know EVERY staff member can offer a HeART Inspired moment, though we may not always hear about it. Who are our unsung heroes? Has a Hart teacher or staff member inspired your child/family? We want to hear about it! Parents, community members, staff members and students are welcome to share by completing this form. We will recognize the teacher or staff member in future principal emails!
NEW!!!! Queen/King of Hart
Beginning Thursday, February 4, Hart Helpers will be selling paper hearts in the Hart cafeteria before school and during lunch. Heart sales will conclude on Thursday, February 11.

Students can purchase hearts for the teacher and/or staff member they would like to see crowned as King or Queen of Hart! Small hearts are sold for $1.00 each, medium hearts are sold for $5.00 each, and large hearts are sold for $10.00 each. Votes will correlate with the dollar amount of the heart purchased. $1.00 heart equals 1 vote, $5.00 heart equals 5 votes, and $10.00 heart equals 10 votes. The King or Queen of Hart will be announced prior to dismissal on Thursday, February 11. 

Working with Weathermatic and Living Water International the funds raised will be used to build a well. The well will be dug in a community in Central America, India or Africa and will provide the citizens with clean water. This effort falls directly under the Lovejoy ISD Graduate Profile of Works for Justice in the Community.  The Lovejoy graduate has experienced the satisfaction of giving and service. She/He has learned through service projects to comprehend the abstract ideas of justice and community. The student has begun to appreciate the need to couple ethical thinking with ethical action. Ultimately, the Lovejoy graduate has learned to respond in love and service to those in need and now strives to move beyond self-interest in relationships with others.

Our goal last year was to raise $1000.00. We were struck by the overwhelming generosity of Hart students and families, we raised $ 3569.00!!!! 

Please help support a great cause and crown a teacher/staff member King or Queen of Hart!!! 
NEW!!!! Picture Retake Day
We are so happy to announce we WILL be having a picture retake day. It is scheduled for Friday, January 29. Please email Heather (heather_bouska@lovejoyisd.net) if you would like your child to have their picture retaken. Please DO NOT email the teacher. We will be sending a sign up genius to our virtual students. Thank you!
NEW!!!! Hart PTO
Please click here to read the Hart PTO weekly newsletter. Don't forget to check out the Hart PTO website.
HES Lost and Found Boutique
Click here to view the newest arrivals!

Please email Jeanette (jeanette_mervicker@lovejoyisd.net) with the picture number or description of clothing and student name. I will take the item to the student.
HES Clinic News
Please remember to copy Nurse Alli on any illness related absence emails. If your student is absent due to not feeling well (any symptom listed on the Covid Symptom Exclusion Letter) you must provide a doctor return upon their return to school prior to the 10 day isolation period. Thank you!

During the months of January and February I will be conducting state mandated hearing and vision screenings (unless exempt or a current vision screening report is provided by a licensed physician) on all Kinder, 1st, and 3rd grade students. I will also be screening all new students for the 2020-2021 school year. If your student is currently virtual, we are currently working on a plan to get these students screened as well. If you prefer for your child to not be screened, please send me an email stating you are declining the screening.

Please click here to view Lovejoy ISD Planning Guide. This is your best source of information for LISD Covid procedures. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Allison Wright
Yearbook Pictures
Keep sending in your pictures! We are so excited to see all the wonderful and fun things out Hart students are doing. Please remember to add the name of grade of everyone in the pictures. Email the photos to YearbookHart@gmail.com. Thank you
Student Nutrition
Click here to visit the Student Nutrition webpage.

Please click here for the January Nutrition Newsletter.
Dates to Remember
January 29- Fall picture retake day
February 4- February 11- Queen/King of Hart sales
February 11- Hart Beat 8:00 a.m.
February 11- Early Release- 12:00 p.m.
February 12- No School
February 15- No School
March 8- No School-Spring Break
March 9- No School- Spring Break
March 10- No School- Spring Break
March 11- No School- Spring Break
March 12- No School- Spring Break
April 2 - No School
April 5- No School
District News
Chess Club Enthusiasts: This semester we will be offering our first ever Virtual Lovejoy Chess Club. Registration is going on now and we hope many of you can join us for our first session the week of September 23, 2020. For more information please visit our website. If you have any questions please email Miles Knight at miles_knight@lovejoyisd.net
District Community News
Click on the little red school house to view our district community page!!!!
It’s not too late to give to the Annual Appeal campaign. Every gift makes an impact. Invest today in our students’ tomorrow.
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