It is wonderful to be able to share that the plans for the Hartman Center Spirit Week, August 8-14, 2021, at Camp Mount Luther (Mifflingburg, PA) have been finalized! This will be a week of summer camp dedicated to carrying on the memorable and special experiences at Hartman Center. It will be a week for folks from Penn Central Conference and friends of Hartman Center to come together and celebrate outdoor ministry with familiar faces and through familiar traditions.

There are a variety of camp options ranging from coming for a single day to staying the whole week, from bringing your own food to eating all the meals provided! The Conference has scholarships available - please reach out for more info.

More information and a registration form can be viewed here.

If you have additional questions or would like to volunteer in some way throughout the week, please contact Rev. Alice Rauch (alirauch07@gmail.com) or Rev. Amelia Price (aashivers@gmail.com).

-Anne Rankin
Outdoor Ministry Liaison
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