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For years, the Gray Center has partnered with law reviews for special symposium issues, such as the George Mason Law Review symposium for the Administrative Procedure Act’s 75th anniversary. In the last year, we significantly expanded this part of the Gray Center’s work, partnering with several law journals for major symposium projects.

Now that those symposia are being published, we’d like you to know about them. So in the weeks ahead, you’ll receive a few emails like this, with links to the articles and any events or podcasts we did for them.

We’re beginning with a very special symposium of essays by state supreme court justices and the Sixth Circuit’s Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton, on administrative law in the states, published just days ago in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy.

We’re grateful to each of the judges who wrote for this symposium, and to the JLPP’s editors for their excellent work in publishing the symposium. Thanks also to the Harvard Federalist Society for hosting an event for the symposium in January, and to Judge Thomas Griffith for moderating that discussion.

The Gray Center has been proud to support other great work on state administrative law, especially recent developments in state deference and nondelegation doctrines; we’ll list those articles at the end.
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Adam White
Co-Executive Director
Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy
"Administrative Law in the States"

  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice David N. Wecht and Lawrence McIntyre on the lively nondelegation docket in Pennsylvania. They conclude that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has been less willing than the U.S. Supreme Court to discern intelligible principles in statutes.

Laboratories of Democracy: The States and the Future of Administrative Law

Back in January, the Harvard Student Chapter of the Federalist Society hosted an in-person event on-campus at Harvard Law School to discuss the essays from our symposium.
We are thankful to everyone who came to speak at the event:
  • Judge Thomas B. Griffith, former judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
  • Justice Brian K. Hagedorn, Supreme Court of Wisconsin
  • Justice David Wecht, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  • Justice Caleb Stegall, Supreme Court of Kansas
  • Chief Judge Jeffery S. Sutton, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

You can find a video of the event, here. You can also listen to the event as a podcast, here.
Prior Working Papers on State Administrative Law

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