Small Group Prospective
Employer Mailing

Recently, Harvard Pilgrim began mailing this postcard to a targeted list of small groups.

As of 12/1/19, Harvard Pilgrim is including two bronze plans with two more available starting 1/1/20 - on all internal and external quoting tools.

The 2020 CT Small Group Product Guide is available for all the information you need about Harvard Pilgrim products, programs and services, including:
  • Why choose Harvard Pilgrim?
  • Member benefits, tools & resources
  • Plan options & changes for 2020
  • Product grids & cost-sharing details
  • Broker tools and resources


Small Group Broker
Bonus Program

As a reminder, Harvard Pilgrim is offering a bonus program for effective dates through 1/1/20, applicable to brokers who sell small groups with 2-50 eligible subscribers.

Brokers who sell any new small group case through Harvard Pilgrim will receive the following:
  • $10/enrolled bronze subscriber
  • $50/enrolled silver subscriber
  • $75/enrolled gold/platinum subscriber
Brokers who transition any groups that would otherwise renew in 2020 with another carrier to Harvard Pilgrim for a 2019 effective date will receive an additional $15 per subscriber.

Brokers who sell at least 100 new subscribers will receive an additional $ 1,000.

Brokers who sell at least 250 new subscribers will receive an additional $2,500.

Click here for details.