Harvest News
            August 2018
Sharing the beauty of Fynbos & Australian natives, especially the family of Proteaceae!
In the Field: Banksia Ashbyii
We're feeling inspired this summer with a fresh take on a favorite orange Banksia: Ashbyii or also called Ashby's Banksia. What appears to be one large, showy cylindrical flower is actually a dense cluster of up to several thousand individual blossoms. Ashbyii's beautiful orange flowers add vibrancy and texture in the field or garden and is a treat in floral arrangements, bouquets and wreaths.  Read More>
Farm & Flower Guide 2018/2019
The 2018 Farm & Flowers Guide is hot off the press and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you. It's a spectacular publication that celebrates the various flower and foliage varieties grown in America and the flower farmers who grow them. We hope this farm guide will help you plan your next event and let you know when the blooms you're eyeing will be available! Throughout the pages, you meet the farmers who are working hard to bring these gorgeous varieties to market... like our favorite farmer, Mel!   Read More>    
Reeves Pink Bottlebrush   
When it comes to summer accent flowers, we have happily entered into an era of the Callistemon - it seems like every other month or so there's a new batch of Reeves Pink blooms opening up that we just have to harvest. This abundance of delicate, petite flowers got us thinking how fun would it be to mix them with some of our favorite protea - so we can show our friends how wonderful they are when mixed in bouquets.  Read More>   
The Boutonniere    
Boutonnieres are not just an accessory reserved for weddings or school dances, we're big fans of boutonnieres for any and all occasions! The tradition of wearing flowers goes back as far as ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and the Aztecs, who were believed to wear certain colored flowers to show their support for athletes in sporting events.  Historians believe that the boutonniere ritual came about on the battlefields of civil wars in England, where each side wore a certain color or type of flower to distinguish friends and enemies from each other.  Read More> 
Protea Madiba
The true hero of South Africa. The man who fought for equal rights for all and a country that stands 'United as One'. Nelson Mandela is one of the most influential, respected and loved men in South Africa. And, did you know he has made such an impact on South Africa and has such a legacy that he has a Protea named after him? South Africa's national flower is the King Protea and there is a special vibrant red variety that is absolutely striking, and known to many by Mandela's tribe name, Madiba.  Read More> 
Flower News: August's Articles and Blogs of Interest from Around the World
DVCrush Celebrates #AmericanFlowersMonth
Our DVCrushProgram has come a long way since we started back in March 2018.  The excitement and creativity that has spawned from it in just these few short months is a reminder of the beauty our industry provides.  We have seen countless images of stunning designs, florists working outside of their "comfort zone," and even hosted a "Crush for a Cause" contest.  Read More> 
September Wreath  
Join us on Saturday, September 22nd here on the farm for a workshop to create your own wreath filled with beautiful fall Proteaceae and lush seasonal foliage.   

Mel's Field Notes   
Hello Friends!    
Here we go again... another month behind us and in another few weeks, summer as well. During the last four weeks I've been immersed in the fields doing my typical August chores. I've spent days walking around each field looking for the areas with old, unproductive plants and have replanted them with newer more prolific varieties.  Plus, we recently acquired a new 43-acre parcel with sandy-granite soil and the perfect micro-climate which we have eagerly delved into!  Several acres have already been cleared, the irrigation put in place and many of my favorite Proteas have now made this land their home. I anticipate in about five years, you'll be able to enjoy the flowers and foliage we will be harvesting in this new field.
Protea season is finally starting to kick-in here on the farm and I'm thrilled to see many of our flowers being featured throughout the pages of the new Flower and Farm Guide...it's beautiful, isn't it?  What a great resource for information about the flowers and foliage being grown in America. If you didn't get a copy along with the September issue of Florists' Review or Superfloral be sure to download the link in our blog and save it for future use, it's sure to come in handy.
Speaking of American Grown Flowers, how about DVFlora and their July DVCrush Program? What a wonderful way for them to celebrate American Flowers Month, sending over 30 "surprise boxes" to their customers so they could create something beautiful and show it off via social media. Loved seeing all the unique designs!
Also, in our articles of interest... 'Science' uncovers another good reason to buy yourself flowers. Having them in your house (and your office too) can help keep stress under control. We've known that around here for a long time but it's always a nice reminder, and I'm sure that's why I prefer to spend plenty of time in the fields. Forbes' World's 10 Best 'Table to Farm' Dining Experiences, the reason we like this article is because the #1 feature is Visit California's Grateful Table event held last November in Napa Valley. The organizer, Outstanding in the Field, creates these pop-up dining experiences several times a year around the globe. Typically, they have a long, single table and the 'meal is the centerpiece' of the event, there's no flowers. However, during last year's Grateful Table event California Flower Farmers donated all the flowers for this fundraiser. It was a beautiful event, it even made the cover of the Flower and Farm Guide 2018/2019 (take a look at the blog above). To make a long story short, we're thrilled Forbes chose Outstanding in the Field's event that feature 'flowers at the center of the table'. Finally, just a reminder that October 24th is Petal It Forward Day... a great way to help the community keep 'stress under control'. We're in and we hope you are too!
    Happy Labor Day - Have a great weekend!   
Enjoy the month of September!

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