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            July 2018
Sharing the beauty of Fynbos & Australian natives, especially the family of Proteaceae!
In the Field: Brunia Albiflora
Whenever this beautiful botanical is seen, it is often greeted with surprise as if it has never been seen before. The mysterious, almost alien looking Brunia albiflora or also called Coffee Bush after it's coffee scented flowers is a summer favorite. Albiflora has long leafy branches with beautiful dark green foliage that resembles a pine tree, but is much, much softer. The flowers or 'bobbles' are crowded into tight spherical knob-like inflorescences that are clustered into flat, rounded heads in a deep green hue touched with silver.  Read More>
July: Summer Design Inspiration
Although the New Year officially begins in January, here on the farm we can't help but think that July deserves a little acknowledgment too. There's something about the month, perhaps it's the fact we've reached the year's halfway mark or maybe because it's American Grown Flowers Month... that seems to muster up a little nostalgia.  With that in mind, these 'dog days of summer' aren't easy to shake off. Whether you're planning your next summer gathering, catching up on the latest floral trends or simply spending more time outdoors, we've created a summer inspired arrangement.  Read More>    
What's New: Resendiz Brothers Book  
In the 19 years since Resendiz Brothers' was launched, we've collected hundreds of amazing photographs of the fields and flowers we grow. Now, for the first time, we've gathered the very best of those pictures, some fascinating protea information and designing ideas into one place. All the pictures were taken by Mel and me, the text derived from our numerous blogs and the book's composition by Paulette Sierra, our creative guru. This Protea guide captures the beauty and unique characteristics of the array genera, species and cultivars grown here in Southern California.  Read More>   
China Trip: Promoting American Grown Flowers      
One of our favorite parts of being in the floral industry is having the opportunity to travel and experience this amazing industry in other parts of the world. From South Africa to Australia, South America to China, there are an abundance of flower farmers, wholesalers, florists and designers to learn from - which has translated into many inspirational trips for us!  Read More> 
Yang Chinese Rose Gardening Co.
Located in Kunming, China... Kunming Yang Chinese Rose Gardening Co. is situated in the east-central part of the Yunnan Province in a fertile lake basin area surrounded by mountains to the north, west, and east. The farm was established in 1998 and works closely with the National Engineering Research Center for Floriculture, which oversees the research, development and promotion of the Chinese Rose, Hydrangea and 'featured woody flowers' like Proteas.  Read More> 
Serruria Florida Blushing Bride
Without a doubt one the most sought after and best-known of the South African Proteas. Lost to cultivation and believed to be extinct for nearly ninety years, Serruria florida was rediscovered in 1891. The common name, Blushing Bride, was embraced because of its traditional use in bridal bouquets and through the custom of young men wearing the flowers in their buttonholes when courting.  Read More> 

Mel's Field Notes   
Hello Friends!    
As you know, I had the good fortune to join the delegation of American Farmers who visited China on a recent trade mission. I had never really thought about visiting China before this trip and only had a vague idea of what the country was like, much less its floral industry. I am optimistic that there's opportunity for American Grown Flowers in China, despite high tariffs, a very rocky trade environment and lots of local production too. We were lucky to have the opportunity to visit the Chinese growing region of Kunming during the last two days of the trip. It's an incredible beautiful province and I felt quite at home at Yang Chinese Rose Gardening Co. with Mr. Young amidst his amazing protea collection. He is a passionate flower farmer and very gracious host! I hope someday to reciprocate his kindness and show him how we grow Proteas here in Rainbow.
Speaking of flower farming, July marked our 19th year in business! When I launched Resendiz Brothers in 1999 I was unsure of the future, I felt anxious but remained optimistic. All I knew was I loved flower farming and was passionate about Proteas.  My family may have thought I was a little crazy to start a business based around what was 'then' a relatively unknown family of flowers. Now after 19 years, there's no doubt in my mind that I took the right path in life. I've enjoyed the entire 'ride' and along the way... Proteas have become 'pretty popular' not only here in the US but around the world!
    Have a great month of August!

                    Hope you enjoyed this Newsletter!
                      The Resendiz Brothers Team
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