Harvest News
       July 2019
Sharing the beauty of Fynbos & Australian natives, especially the family of Proteaceae!
In the Field: Grevillea Flowers
Now, about mid-summer, is the time we anticipate the inevitable dog days to come as we watch our pincushion fields go barren and eagerly wait for protea season. However, the warm weather is no match for Grevillea flowers, they're fuss-free sun-lovers that stand up to the rising mercury and add some much-needed color during this transitional period. These lollipop-like flowers, also referred to as Bush Lollies, Bush Toothbrush and Spiderman, provide masses of summery blooms that add excitement, color, and fabulous texture in and out of the fields.   Read More>  
Summer Gatherings       
Everyone loves the lazy days of summer... especially when they're on holiday. Fireworks! Picnics and Bike rides! The sounds, smells, textures and sights of summer fill the days and nights with feelings of exhilaration and delight.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, potential flower arrangements bloom mere footsteps from your own back door. Otherwise, shops, roadside stands and farmers markets are brimming with flowers, often making it difficult to decide what to take home. 
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Grevillea Foliage
Within the wonderfully diverse world of proteaceae, the Grevillea genus is starting to rank among the most coveted, captivating, and cool. This Australian genus includes almost three hundred species, numerous subspecies, and more than a thousand cultivars (a number that continues to grow). These amazing botanicals are not only popular for their colorful spider-like flowers, the foliage is fabulous too. Grevilleas helps create height, movement, dimension and textures in bouquets, arrangements and displays.  Read More> 
Tropical Fruit & Flower Centerpiece
Fruit and Flowers are both grown and harvested in a yard or on a farm, and they compliment each other beautifully in many arrangements and displays, especially when the fruit stands in for a traditional container. Summer offers an absolute treasure trove of potential containers: pineapples, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon. Bright colors, interesting shapes and a variety of textures makes fruit ideal containers. Many of them are watertight, at least for the life span of most of the blooms you put in them.   
Unique and bold designs can be easily put together by combining flowers with fruits. With its long body and rotund belly, the pineapple is definitely one of the most appealing of all fruits.  Read More> 
Heirloom Apple Galette
Do you love apple pie? We can never get enough of them! A savory apple pie is prefect any time of the year, right? If you agree, I'm certain you're going to love this walnut and apple Galette in the Wine Institute's latest book, Wine Country Table! The walnut filling, that's similar to a frangipane, makes this galette stand out from the crowd and adding the sparkling sugar on the rim creates a gleam. The Wine Country Table is a book we're thrilled to be featured in, bursting with wine, food and our flowers too!   Read More> 
Flower News: July's Stories of Interest
Gardening | Enduring love affair with pretty proteas
Proteas are often admired in floral arrangements and are bought for their ability to last several weeks in a vase. Because they are related horticulturally to a large group of Australian native plants, including banksias, grevilleas and waratahs, they require similar growing conditions. They have a low tolerance for artificial fertilizers. Applications of superphosphate will kill proteas.   Read More> 

Mel's Field Notes   
   Hello Friends!
July marks our 20th year in business and you made it possible! When I started Resendiz Brothers in 1999 I was very nervous, excited and unsure of the future.  However, one thing I knew for certain was I loved flower farming and was especially passionate about Protea. Yes, my family may have thought I was a little crazy to start a business created around this relatively unknown flora but what's life without a good challenge?!?  
The first five years were all about education: Protea 101(cultivating & harvesting), sustainable farming practices and, of course, business management. Then the digital age arrived (at least for us) meaning better cameras and awesome pictures! Until that time trying to describe a new Protea hybrid or Leucadendron was like trying to describe your favorite color when everything is in black and white. Then with the help of email we were able to create informative and visual availability lists as well as newsletters.  Finally, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have provided so many wonderful ways for us to share our world of flowers with you. There's no doubt in my mind that Proteas have come a long-way in the last 20 years, and it's not just Kings who 'reign' - many of the 73 genera and more than 1500 species have become 'pretty popular'!
Now, with 20 years under my cowboy hat, I'm looking forward to the next 20 years with even more enthusiasm and excitement. There's still plenty more to learn about these fabulous plants!
Thank you for trusting Resendiz Brothers over the last 20 years and helping us grow into the successful flower farm we are today. As always, we truly appreciate your support and friendship!    
   Have a great month of August!

                    Hope you enjoyed this Newsletter!
                      The Resendiz Brothers Team
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