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       June 2019
Sharing the beauty of Fynbos & Australian natives, especially the family of Proteaceae!
In the Field: Leucadendron Safari Sunset
It's officially 'Safari Season! Often one of the first hints of the season in our fields... leucadendron Safari Sunset serves as a gauge for warmer and longer days. These barometers of summer begin to emerge as spring winds down, revealing their deep-red bracts and long stems from July all the way through October.  

There's no doubt, Safari Sunset is the most well-known leucadendron, with millions of stems being grown in numerous countries around the world. A New Zealand raised hybrid cultivar, this mix of L. Laureolum x L. Salignum has proven the importance of crossbreeding in the protea industry. 
Designed by Mel      
We walk a prudent line when it comes to creating a 'one-of-a-kind' bouquet: too blas√© and the bouquet can start to look like a mound of mis-matched proteas. Too planned and it ends up looking like a dull cookie-cutter Biedermeier. So, when an occasion calls for a little extra protea power, we step back and call in our favorite flower-farmer-florist, Mel. But in case you don't have a passionate farmer to count on, we asked Mel to share some tips for creating one of his special protea bouquets.  Read More> 
Summer Alert: Protea Eximea
It's almost eximea season here on the farm and time to put a spotlight on these awesome blossoms. To help you distinguish between the eximea species (originally called Latifolia) and its newer cultivars, we put together this handy chart. 
Eximea, which means distinguished, is sometimes called rosespoon, ray-flowered protea, and broad-leaf sugarbush. In addition, as featured above, there are several cultivars now being grown and harvested: Cardinal, Susannae, Duchess and Sylvia. These improved varieties with brighter colors and better form, have kept eximea's popularity alive.
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Event: CPA Member Appreciation Party
June is California Grown Flowers Month and the California Protea Association (CPA) kicked off the month-long celebration on June 1st by throwing a Member Appreciation party. The event was held at a beautiful estate in Hidden Meadows owned by the renowned local Visual Artist Pako Pablos. Pako's artistic commentary on pop culture through the use of digital art, painting with acrylics and the creation of images in pastels has gained widespread exposure and popularity. Members had the opportunity to enjoy the estate's panoramic views, tour the grounds and visit Pako's studio.  Read More> 
Warm Apricot & Cherry Crisp
Is there anything better to eat during the summer than fresh fruit picked right off the tree, I especially love apricots! When I looked outside this weekend and saw my tree was loaded with fruit, I knew it was time to get inspired.  
And while apricots are so good fresh, they also cook up into the most scrumptious jams and tarts. Once I harvested a basket of apricots, I grabbed my new Wine Country Table cookbook to see what sweet treat I could whip up for everyone in the office. This new cookbook by the Wine Institute celebrates California's bountiful harvest and the sustainable soul behind the farmers who grow it.  Read More>
Flower News: June's Stories of Interest
30 Amazing Protea Wedding Bouquets
Protea plants, also known as sugarbushes, have become a favorite in the wedding world. The blooms-which are native to South Africa-come in a number of different varieties, and each is beloved for its unique shape or color. These include the big king protea, the unusual pincushion protea, and the aptly-named blushing bride protea. Whichever you like, we recommend incorporating it into your wedding bouquet for a bold and beautiful arrangement. For inspiration, look no further than these unique protea wedding bouquet ideas.  Read More> 

Mel's Field Notes   
   Hello Friends!
I hope your summer is off to a great start! It's been a very busy and productive month for all of us here on the farm. We've just wrapped up our waxflower season and in another week our pincushion season will finish as well. Over all, I'm delighted with the beautiful assortment and quality of the flowers we harvested this month and throughout the spring season. The leucadendron and greens have also been fabulous and extremely popular, especially the Grevilleas and eucalyptus!

My attention is now turning to protea season which is only a few weeks away. The first varieties to look for are the hybrid Eximias which many of you have been asking about and patiently waiting for. Next month we'll be promoting our new summer bouquets and wreaths which I know you're going to enjoy.   
July is American Grown Flowers Month!  It's a month-long celebration of domestic flowers designed to raise consumer awareness and unite America's flower farmers with the U.S. floral industry. Please join us in the celebration!
   Happy 4th of July - Have a great month!

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