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       March 2019
Sharing the beauty of Fynbos & Australian natives, especially the family of Proteaceae!
In the Field: Buttonbush
Berzelia, a genus of the Bruniaceae family, is one of the few plants endemic to the Cape floral kingdom and the Western Cape of South Africa. Berzelia or also called 'Buttonbush' is typically harvested when the clusters of round flower heads are still closed and green or cream in color, looking like masses of colorful peas attached to a sturdy stem. Below the flowering heads are wispy side shoots of small needle-like foliage which are grouped in whorls going up the long, woody stems.   Read More> 
The Topiary     
Topiary... the term may sound unfamiliar, but there's no doubt you've seen the art around. Those hedges and shrubs that have been trimmed into amazing sculptures of everything from shapes to animals to people are topiaries. The art is defined as the horticultural practice of clipping shrubs or trees into shapes.

Topiaries date back to ancient Egypt, when rows of date palm were force-cut into shapes of cones. They returned in medieval times as a way of training fruit plants, and then again during the Italian Renaissance. In the 15th century, the Dutch became intrigued with creating topiary that resembled animals while the French preferred creating topiary into geometric shapes. 
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Spring Forward     
In like a lion, out like a lamb, March is a month of change and revival. The days grow longer and lighter and our souls tend to follow suit as well. Today, we 'spring forward' and set our sights on March 20th, the first day of spring. In many ways, this winter in Southern California has been an unusual one, lots of rain, lighting and thunder along with some of the coldest temperatures on record. The nearby mountain tops are snow packed surrounding our valley in a winter wonderland. While spring may still be a little over a week away, we're ready to begin the seasonal transition.    Read More> 
Nature's Window
Creating a Nature's Window is another simple way to bring a touch of nature indoors. This trendy, chic design showcases the entire flower, from stem to bloom transforming any space into a blooming botanical exhibition.

Our arrangements are only a start. In just a few simple steps you can create your own windows; and there are many ways to display them. One idea is to place several clear vases of the same size, or even different sizes down the length of the table verses using a traditional centerpiece. 
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Event: The Wine Country Table Launch
This week we ventured to Sacramento to help celebrated the launch of the Wine Institute's new book, The Wine Country Table - a book we're so excited to be featured in. Bursting with wine, food and our flowers, this tomeconveys a fresh, meditative, and beautifully-photographed celebration of California, its natural beauty, its unrivaled bounty, and its determination to remain just as productive for generations to come. It's all about sustainable farming, taking readers on a visual tour of 23 stunning farms and wineries throughout the state, introducing them to some of the vintners, winemakers, and farmers (like Mel) whose harvest are profiled.  Read More>
Flower News: March's Articles & Blogs of Interest 
South Africa's Cape Floral Kingdom Has More Diverse Plant Life Than the Rainforest and Must Burn to Survive
South Africa's Cape Floral Region is a group of protected areas that have the highest concentration of plant species on Earth. With triple the number of plant varieties as the Amazon rainforest, the UNESCO World Heritage site is unique in another way - it must burn periodically to survive.   Read More>

Mel's Field Notes   
   Hello Friends!  
We've had a beautiful start to spring here on the farm! Most importantly, it continues to rain and it's my hope... we'll see plenty of April showers during the month ahead. It's been glorious to see the greening up of the hillsides and valleys in Rainbow. While we lost a few roads and bridges due to the rain, my Garden (all 185 acres) continues to flourish. The plants are very happy including the weeds, which right now are probably the happiest of all. Unfortunately, weeds can create their own set of challenges and we'll have to be diligent about keeping them at bay as best as possible.
As we turned the page from winter into spring, I'm excited about the bounty of beautiful flowers and foliage being harvested. There has been an amazing selection of Protea available the last few months... something we rarely see at this time of the year. Plus, the Leucospermum and Leucadendron have fabulous, bright colors, wonderful textures and long stems. And, the waxflower has been simply breathtaking. It's a season I won't soon forget.
It would not be spring without gardens, gardeners and plant enthusiasts. We had our first Farm Tour on March 23rd and had a great time showing 50+ guests around the nursery, greenhouse and packing shed. We talked plants, flowers, growing, propagation and more. Our passion for farming seemed to really expand and grow this month and along the way... we made some new friends too. 

So, shake off those winter blues and prepare for April, we've got plenty of fun activities on the calendar. Our next farm tour is just days away (April 2nd) and we're looking forward to meeting the Riverside Master Gardeners! 
Happy Easter - Enjoy the month of April!

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