The Holy Child Program
Hope Through Healing
Easter is the time to rejoice and be thankful for the gift of life, love & joy!
Creativity abounds naturally within the child and through fun egg coloring techniques it unfolds into joyous discovery.
The best learning is when the process is engaging and fun like Easter egg basket making. Such an activity combined with an appropriate expectation level brings forth self-confidence, independence and pride within a child.
With the children's excitement building from all the exciting preparations, they celebrated with a school-wide egg hunt!
Come inside our school and playground !
Picking Chickpeas and Earth Day Activities
On a bright, sunny day with clear blue skies the children had great fun learning how to harvest chickpeas under the guidance of the director of the school.

Chickpeas when combined with tahini and spices becomes the delicious food, hummus - a staple food in this region. And, who doesn't love hummus!!
In fact, throughout the year the Holy Child Program integrates the fundamental principles of caring for the land on which we live and appreciating God's gifts of creation.
May God bless all our supporters of Holy Child Program and keep an eye out for our last day of school and graduation day newsletter!
Holy Child Program
Beit Sahour, The Holy Land

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