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Resilience: Lessons of 2020
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Resilience Lessons from 2020
Lessons from the Redwood Trees After the Wildfires December 2020

This picture was taken in December 2020 after the devastating wildfires just months earlier in CA. Redwoods, the tallest of earth’s trees, are the rare conifer that can resprout after catastrophic events, a secret weapon to longevity. Note the emerald green of new growth poking out of the soil at the base of these blackened trees that might otherwise be dismissed as lifeless. The upper branches of some of these blackened trunks are already fuzzy with green sprouts.

Do you feel like 2020 has been a wildfire running out of control in your life? One fire after the other? No time for rest? Always being on alert and ready to pivot quickly? On the other hand, have you gained skills and knowledge from this year of crisis? How do these lessons effect our organizations?

In his article in Human Resource Executive June 2020, Josh Bersin noted positives for organizations in the midst of this trying year. One that caught our eye was this one:

" Individual psychology is gaining increased consideration in business. The concepts of positive psychology, resilience, anxiety and trauma are being taken into account as companies craft new policies. Ways to provide personal and family support are entering conversations. This all opens the door to programs to help with mental and spiritual healing."

Hopefully the information and perspectives in this newsletter will give you ideas about how to renew after this annus horribilis. We treasure you all and are here to help you and your organization to develop skills and unleash potential as we take in the lessons from 2020 and move forward with hope and confidence to 2021.
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Tino's Corner

Is the word “Resilient” an Oxymoron for a 33-year-old Company?

By Tino Mantella, TLG President & CEO 

"Like I am sure is the case with most of you, there have been many ups and downs along the 2020 path. What has resiliency meant to me? To listen, to learn, to try new things, to take calculated risk, to respect others, and to know that this too shall pass." READ MORE
What I'm Reading...
By Barack Obama

I am enjoying listening to the book because it’s well written and it talks about a lot of leaders in Chicago who I got to know when I was running the YMCAs there.

Several ended up joining President Obama’s cabinet. Also, the past President is such a strong orator and reads the entire book himself.

On resilience – prior to running for President, Obama lost an Illinois Senate race to Bobby Rush by 31% points. Rather than let that stop him, not too long after he decided to run for President and the rest is history.
Holly leaves decoration with red berries.
Virtual Holiday (or ANYTIME) Team Building
Holly leaves decoration with red berries.
Excerpt Forbes Magazine

"Tino Mantella, CEO of Turknett Leadership Group, is holding a virtual cooking competition. He explains: “We have a few would-be chefs in our mix and a healthy dose of competitive spirit. We’ve done culinary team building events in-person before, only this time we get the added bonus of peeking into each other’s kitchens and finding out who’s been building up their inner Gordon Ramsay during quarantine.”
-Excerpt Forbes Magazine Nov. 2020

We had our cooking event Dec. 10 with 20 staff members and it was so much fun! (See pictures below!) Thank you Team Building with Taste
TLG's virtual celebration included:
  • Welcome message from the CEO Tino Mantella
  • Champagne toast from the owners Bob & Lyn Turknett
  • Lighting of the menorah to share the traditions of one of our coaches on this first day of Hanukah
  • Little known facts shared from each attendee
  • Then cooking! An Italian feast, fun and fellowship
  • Prize for Best Plating (won by our coach Dr. Patricia Thompson)
Another Perspective: Resilience

Another Perspective: Resilience

By Bill Dickinson, D. Min, RCC
TLG Senior Consultant


"Resilience is the capacity to cope with stress and adversity. It comes from believing in yourself and, at the same time, in something bigger than yourself.
  • Resilience is not a trait that people are born with; it involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone. Inc. 2015
  • Resilience can be understood as one’s ability to cope with adverse situations (WFH, Loss of Employment, the Stress of COVID-19), and bounce back even stronger."
Healthy Resilience - Quick Thoughts - Stubbornness & Yielding

Quick Thoughts on Healthy Resilience

By Robert (Bob) Turknett, Ph.D.
TLG Co-founder & Co-chair

Want to become more resilient during these unprecedented times? Then give up stubbornness! Being stubborn means clinging to my way of thinking to a fault.

During these times, one of the best antidotes that we have to successfully weather this coronavirus crisis is the giving and receiving of Emotional Support! READ MORE
Notes from Kathleen Edge - EVP of Operations, Southwire
Guest Speaker Women in Leadership Dec. 2020

Excerpts from 12-11-2020 Women in Leadership Fireside Chat
Speaker Kathleen Edge- EVP Ops Southwire

Anne Quiello MS, ACC
- TLG Senior Consultant & 2021 Women in Leadership Coordinator
Kathleen Edge, EVP of Operations, Southwire

Disruption? I think as a leader, in my perspective, I come back to the eye of the hurricane. There's always disruption. You've got civil unrest, you've got social unrest, political divide. You've got COVID-19 swirling around us. But when you go into the hurricane, the safest place to be is in the eye of the storm; it's calm and it's quiet. if you're still and calm through all the disruption, you're going to see things differently… " READ MORE
Traits that helped you be more resilient in 2020
November Poll Results: Top Reason for Division in the Workplace
Five Shifts to Build Workforce Resilience

Workforce Resilience Now

by Lyn Turknett
TLG Co-founder & Co-chair


" Recognize what YOU have done. The change in the life of every human in the US has been unprecedented, and I’ll bet every person in the audience has done things they never thought they could do - rapidly adapted, figured out how to do things they had never done before, taking on responsibility in remarkable ways. We are far more resilient than we give ourselves credit for."

Stoics and Resilience
Stoics & Resilience

by Lyn Turknett
TLG Co-founder & Co-chair


"As the great Stoic Epictetus said:
The true man is revealed in difficult times. So when trouble comes, think of yourself as a wrestler whom God, like a trainer, has paired with a tough young buck. For what purpose? To turn you into Olympic-class material. But this is going to take some sweat to accomplish. From my perspective, no one’s difficulties ever gave him a better test than yours, if you are prepared to make use of them the way a wrestler makes use of an opponent in peak condition." READ MORE
Mary Ellen & Knitting Prayer Shawls

Mary Ellen & Knitting Prayer Shawls
by Barbara Jacobson
TLG Chief Administrator

"Lately, she has been instrumental in starting a prayer shawl ministry and has encouraged me to participate. The idea is to provide a warm, comforting, knitted shawl to anyone dealing with illness, grief, or distress which has been prepared by someone who has prayed for the recipient while completing the shawl.  " READ MORE
Donating Blood Keeps Me Grounded
Blood Donations to stay grounded
by Kathyn Igou
TLG VP Operations

"Though we are all masked up at the donation center and very spread apart, it’s a great feeling of community. The blood donation center has become a very real example to me of the Rotarian motto of “Service Above Self”. Yes, it’s a time commitment and it does involve a needle , but I really treasure those monthly trips to the Red Cross. " READ MORE
Sharing some other resilience tools:

Post Covid

My COVID-10 Experience
by Dr. Barbara Reilly
TLG Senior Consultant

"It started with body aches and a fever. Then came the inability to move or breathe. I knew it was Covid before I received my positive PCR results.  And it hit hard. " READ MORE
What We are Reading
What I'm Reading...
by Marty Gupta
TLG VP of Strategic Services

by Margaret Heffernan, a Financial Times Best Book of the year.

The first part of this book looks at our addiction to prediction and our need to control the future; how analytics, technology and efficiency have let us down; and why radical uncertainty is the norm. The author draws on a wide range of scientific, business and public sector examples to demonstrate a different path forward based on proactive experimentation, scenario analysis with wildly diverse participants, and ‘cathedral’ planning. She argues that creating the future is a very human, social endeavor.
Women in Leadership
Friday January 22
8am - 10am
Virtual Meeting

Fireside Chat with Tisha Tallman  Executive Director of the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth

NAEHCY supports teachers and advocates who in turn serve 1.3 million children and youth in our public schools. A highly respected, accomplished leader, and attorney, Tisha is the former President of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and SE Director of the Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund. She’s also a think tank fellow, public policy analyst, media expert, published author, part time law school adjunct faculty, and part time municipal judge. She has received numerous awards including an NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award and a ‘Most Influential Atlantan’ honor by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Tisha holds both J.D. and MBA degrees. 
TLG Buzz
Interview with Lyn and Bob Turknett of Turknett Leadership Group use an IRA to support the work of United Way of Greater Atlanta.

What inspires you to live United?
We have been committed to United Way – as volunteers and donors – for decades, because we have seen the power of tackling community problems TOGETHER. UWGA is a powerful force for real change in our community and has the ability to bring all the community together – nonprofits, businesses, local communities, government agencies – all of us – to effectively address our most difficult problems. As a longtime volunteer at the local level I have seen the power of United Way up close and personal.
What prompted you to utilize your IRA for your Cole and Tocqueville Society contribution?
We are old enough to be required to take distributions from our IRA, and, of course, those distributions are taxable as ordinary income. When a gift is given directly from the IRA to a qualifying charity, the income is NOT taxable, but still counts toward your minimum distribution.
How did you learn you could use your IRA for charitable purposes?
From my sister! She and her husband had seen something about this in a newsletter from their financial advisor, and Bob and I began looking into it.
What advantages do you think this method of giving has over others?
Likely only right for some, but it fits for us because it minimizes tax liability.
Would you recommend others to also utilize this method?
Who do you think would benefit from using this method?
Probably most people like us who are still working but who are old enough to be required to take minimum distributions from an IRA.
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