Published: March 15, 2021
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Elijah's Story
Video: Elijah's Story
Video courtesy of Crossroads Prison Ministry
Elijah Libbett first encountered God while he was behind bars. His time studying God's Word through Crossroads Prison Ministries gave Him a hunger for Scripture and a relationship with God that has continued the rest of his life.

Partnering in discipleship
Challenge forges partnerships with prison chaplains and prison ministries to ensure follow-up and discipleship. This relationship along with a converted soul and life skills has lowered the repeat offender rate to below 5%.

To further partner with prison chaplains and promote mentoring and discipleship for inmates, we partnered with Crossroads Prison Ministries. Many prisoners respond to the notice placed in every prison newspaper about the mentoring and discipleship programs Crossroads offer. All requests for more biblical material like Bibles and Bible studies are sent on to CPM who then respond to the prisoners' request.

Since partnering with Crossroads, we have received thousands of responses. In 2020 alone, we received over 1,000 responses from prisoners here in the United States and Canada, who responded to the Gospel message and who had asked for materials to help in their new life.

Crossroads Prison Ministries (CPM)
CPM is an international discipleship ministry for prisoners and their families. Crossroads connects people in prisons with mentors from churches to develop Christ-centered relationships as they study God’s Word together.
I thank God that He's calling me worthy of being His servant. He's allowed me to be a blessing to someone else. ~ Elijah
What is Prison Ministry?

Prison Ministry is fellowshipping, mentoring, listening, teaching, caring from the heart with a passionate desire to simultaneously meet Jesus and demonstrate Jesus to jailed and imprisoned inmates.

Prison Ministry is offering encouragement, comfort, and exhortation to people who have all but lost hope.

Prison Ministry is exhibiting the love of Jesus. The men and women in these places may be society's outcasts, but Jesus died to save them too. The ministry's job is to allow the Holy Spirit to demonstrate God's love in and through us toward them.

Just as there are only certain individuals who are called to the mission fields of the Amazon Jungle, not every Christian is going to have the desire to minister to prisoners. And that's ok. But for those who are the called, there is a passion that wells up from within that draw you inside prison walls - past the barbed wire, past the concrete walls - to share the love of Jesus Christ to a generation of men and women who are desperately hurting to know and experience that love.

For those who are not called to minister to prisoners but have a desire to help the ministries that do, may we suggest that you can support prison ministries and Chaplains with your prayers and financial support? 

One way to support prison Chaplains and ministries is by supporting the distribution of the Challenge Prison newspaper in prisons and jails. The Challenge encourages inmates and strengthens the message given in the Chaplain's sermons. It reaches into every cell and ultimately every heart. It tells a story of redemption and shows that our Lord is loving and will forgive their sins when they repent.
Help share the Good News message
The Challenge Prison newspaper is a helpmate for the prison Chaplain and other ministries that work tirelessly in prison ministry. It is especially valuable now as prisons are closed to outside help due to COVID-19. The Challenge prison newspaper is still allowed in and is being shared by the Chaplains and spread around by the prisoners. Please help share the Good News message!

Prison Newspaper Ministry
Would you invest in the life of a prisoner and their family by supporting the Challenge Prison Newspaper?
Help bring a message of hope. Thank you