Cup of Empowerment
April 8, 2019
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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Has Your "Tittle" Been Mis-Read?
Dr. CarolMarie Smith

If we are living epistles read by all men, we may be the only "Word of God" some people read!  I wonder, what message are we giving? Are we distorting His Word by the way we act or live? Or are we misreading another's message?  (2 Cor 3:2)                                                                                                                          Jesus was the Word that became flesh and lived among us.  He was the visible expression of the invisible God!  He was the "Word of God" read by all that saw Him!  (John 1:1-14) There was no distortion on His part though many may have read Him wrong!
Recently I was in a super grocery store that had a section of nice clothes.  A lady was trying on a sweater jacket near me.  I complimented her on how nice it looked on her which didn't seem to make her happy.  She responded with, "Being single I can't look too nice at church".  I knew what she meant.  She was nice looking but was wearing larger clothes than her size.  She had a pretty complexion but wore no makeup and had her hair just pulled back without any style. It was obvious that she was hiding her beauty.   I said, "Oh, have you had the experience where you are talking to a couple and the wife steps forward and stands between you and her husband?"  She looked surprised and said "Yes!"  "They think because I'm single, I'm after their man!" "Sit with other singles, Honey, and let God be your Husband so much so that there is no question!"  (If they feel insecure, pray for them and bless their marriage in your prayer time, but don't take it personally!  They don't realize how it's coming across usually!  We also need to be sure our actions are appropriate too.) "Please don't hide your beauty!  Look pretty for the Lord!"  She seemed to appreciate my encouragement and took to heart what I said.  
I am amazed how many singles especially widows have told me they have experienced this also.  In fact, I have as well.  The message we are receiving is one of distrust.  We need to give a stronger message back of accepting who we are, and that God is all the "Husband" we need! (If He chooses to bring another husband into our life, it won't be one belonging to another!)
In Matthew 5:18 Jesus referred to the Torah which was the "Word of God" they had at the time in that He came not to do away with it but to fulfill or complete it.  In that same way, He fulfills and completes us!  He went on to say that not one jot or tittle from the scriptures would pass away before it was completed. (The Hebrew word for "jot" is "yod" which is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet.  A "tittle" is the tiny line or tail some Hebrew letters have to distinguish them from others that could appear similar. No matter how insignificant we may feel at times or that we just blend in with all the rest, God wants us to know He knows our name and every detail of our lives!   Because He loves us, He is completing and fulfilling the Word of God in us so that we can be all that He has designed us to be!
The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir does a beautiful job on the song "He Knows My Name".  Please listen to it and receive His love for you in a unique way!  Let Him heal you in places where you too may have been misread!
If you would like the rest of the notes on the "jot and tittle" in our lives, go to  under my Blog.  It goes with the filmed teaching I did for my Facebook page (CarolMarie Smith) for April 2, 2019, that is open for the public.
Be all that God has called you to be!  You are beautiful and His handiwork!  And He loves your "tittle" and that which makes you unique!

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