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Shabbat Message
No Substitute For Representation
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Rabbi Schneier's Latest Arab News Column
Why that vote in France should worry us all
"What troubles me is how leaders such as Le Pen consciously and openly threaten to derail cooperation among peoples of different religions, ethnicities, backgrounds and philosophies, at home and abroad. If you look at her personal attacks on Turkey and Gulf countries, for example, we see criticisms that are fact-free and play to stereotypes, intended to reinforce prejudices and foundations of distrust."

the leading English newspaper in the Gulf
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Shabbat, Parashat Emor
The Eruv Is Up

Services conducted by
Rabbi Marc Schneier, Rabbi Avraham Bronstein, Cantor Netanel Hershtik, Maestro Izchak Haimov, accompanied by The Hampton Synagogue Choir

Friday, May 13 - 27th day of the Omer
Candle-Lighting - 7:41pm
Evening Services - 7:00pm

Shabbat, May 14 - 28th day of the Omer
Morning Services - 9:00am
followed by Congregational Kiddush

Rabbi Marc Schneier will speak at 11:00am
"Always Fresh"

Mincha - 7:45pm
followed by Seudah Shlishit, D'var Torah by Rabbi Bronstein, and Ma'ariv

Havdalah - 8:42pm
Sunday, May 15 - 29th day of the Omer
Morning Services - 9:00am

Women's Tehillim Circle - 9:30am
Robyn Forman, Coordinator

Evening Services - 7:00pm
Friday, May 20
Candle Lighting - 7:47pm
Evening Services - 7:00pm
Congregational Kiddush and Flowers
Jay Friedrich, in loving memory of his wife, Margret (Peggy) Friedrich, in observance of her first yahrzeit

Kiddush Co-Sponsor
Ronnit & Adam Palley, in honor of the graduation of their son, Ariel Lev, from Columbia University with a degree in Actuarial Sciences
JBS Shabbat Services
Nation-Wide Television & Online
Ana Avda (Rosenblatt)

Cantor Netanel Hershtik
Hampton Synagogue Choir
Maestro Izchak Haimov

This Shabbat, both our in-person and televised Shabbat services
celebrate the musical legacy of Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt
renowned as the greatest and most influential
of the Golden Age of Cantorial Music.

We encourage you to share the unique spirit of our complete televised Shabbat services from the Berman Sanctuary, conducted by Rabbi Schneier, Rabbi Bronstein, Cantor Hershtik, Maestro Haimov, and the Hampton Synagogue Choir, by pre-setting your television to JBS TV before Shabbat and davening along.
Nationwide - Comcast Xfinity - Channel 1684
The Hamptons & Long Island - Channel 138 (Optimum)
NYC - Channel 798 (Fios) & Channel 219 (Spectrum)
Nationwide - Channel 388 DirecTV

Learn Our Shabbat Prayers & Melodies
We are so proud that our televised JBS Shabbat services, viewed by over 200,000 homes, provide Jewish outreach and education on a truly global scale. In that spirit, we are pleased to present a compilation of Shabbat Evening and Morning Services "highlights," focusing on sections that feature congregational singing and participation.

Particularly for congregants, guests, and viewers who are less proficient in Hebrew, these selections will enhance your participation at our Shabbat services, making your experience even more meaningful.

Click on the images below to view our compilations.
Only Daily Minyan In The Hamptons
Morning Services - 7:45am
Evening Services - 7:00pm

We salute our "minyanaires" who maintain our daily morning and evening services. Special thanks to Rabbi Michael Rascoe for conducting the morning minyan. We are proud to provide this noble service - the only year-round daily minyan in the Hamptons and a 75-mile radius on the East End.
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Memorial Day Weekend
2022 Annual Gift Campaign
In Our Family
Mazal Tov to Lori & Harley Bassman
upon the marriage of their daughter, Danica, to Justin Wadge
Dune Deck Shuttle

Dune Deck is again running a Saturday shuttle service that makes regular loops around Westhampton Beach, connecting Dune Road with the village. This hop-on/hop-off community service is available to all, free of charge.

This service may enable those who find it difficult to walk long distances in the summer heat to attend The Hampton Synagogue without driving on Shabbat, as one of the stops in town is at CVS, just across the street from the synagogue. Many people, including families and their guests, have taken advantage of this benefit.
Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques
We invite you to dedicate a plaque on the beautiful Yahrzeit Memorial Wall in the Berman Sanctuary in memory of your departed loved ones.
Please click here or contact the synagogue office for more information.
Aranowitz Library
We are proud to offer the only Jewish study library & Beit Midrash in the Hamptons as a community resource, containing both volumes of torah scholarship and general Jewish knowledge & culture. We invite you to visit The Aranowitz Library in the Kaylie Center, open during normal business hours and on Shabbat.
Hampton Synagogue Rabbinic Supervision
Beach Bakery Grand Cafe
Rabbi Avraham Bronstein

Greater Westhampton Beach Eruv
Rabbi Moshe Unsdofer
Observed May 8-14, 2022 | 7-13 Iyar, 5782

Hyman Brill, grandfather of Marlene Brill
Leopold Spiegel, father of Adrienne Garay
Esther Goldberg, sister-in-law of Elinor Goldberg
Morice Haymes, father of Stephen Haymes
Blanche Helprin, mother of Barry Helprin
Salman Berchin, father of Sharon Inkeles
Helen Cohen Slaw, mother of Sheila Muller
Hannah Krinski, grandmother of Vera Rausnitz
Alexander Schmelkes, father of Michael Schell
Bertha Makovsky, grandmother of Rabbi Marc Schneier
 mother of Donna Schneier
Rose Bluestein, mother of Evelyn Schreiber
Barbara Woloch, sister of Sarah Schwitzer
Irving Vermont, father of Nancy Vermont
Ben Werbel, father-in-law of Harriet Werbel
Max Werber, father of Bernard Werber
Wishing you and your loved ones a Shabbat Shalom,