September 27, 2018, 18 Tishrei 5778
Reminders for the Week: The Chai Challenge has started! Drop off students at Shir Hadash tomorrow. No school Monday and Tuesday for Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah.

Chai Challege
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Message from the Head of School 

Throughout my career, I often I write a column about how we handle disturbing news headlines with our children. Sometimes the column is in reaction to headlines about natural disasters and sometimes human-instigated tragedies. Often the advice has been centered around minimizing exposure to the news, provide assurance and looking for positive angles, such as the presence of "helpers".

This season's main headlines are about the Senate confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court Justice. Regardless of where you stand on the appropriateness of the candidate, many issues are being brought up and they are certainly flooding the media. While best practice is to limit younger children's exposure to the news, many children inevitably hear things - whether it be listening to the radio in the car, on TV at home, on the internet or from a friend in the playground. As parents we struggle to protect our children from things that might be traumatic, and at the same time, we need to prepare our children for the world that they will be entering. News headlines might present us with an opportunity to teach our children important skills, as long as we are careful to frame things in an appropriate way. A colleague shared with me that after her children heard something about the confirmation hearings, she took the opportunity to discuss with them the role of a Supreme Court Justice, and ask them what qualities they thought might be important for such a role. "There are people who feel that the nominee may not have all of those qualities, and right now, the Senate is checking to see if he does." This simple explanation is a great lesson for her children in the structure and workings of the U.S. government and for an exploration of values that are important for justice to be served.

In addition, regardless of what actually may or may not have happened in the nominee's past, the headlines provide an opportunity to discuss the importance of consent, to address notions of stereotypes as an excuse for inappropriate behaviors, such as "boys will be boys", the importance of self-advocacy, speaking up, and being truthful in our word.

Tomorrow morning at Yavneh, and in Jewish communities around the globe early next week, we will be celebrating Simchat Torah. As we finish a year's worth of Torah readings, we will immediately begin reading the scroll again. The sages teach "hafoch bah vahafoch bah - turn it and turn it, for all is in it" -Pirkei Avot 5:21. Far from a book of fairy tales, the Torah is filled with stories that range from examples of goodness, to ones with controversy and immorality. Every time we read the Torah, we are provided opportunities for new lessons. Similarly, one may turn everything with which our children are in contact into an opportunity for learning, including news headlines. I hope the close of this holiday season brings us calmer headlines with which  to engage and from which to learn! Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom -Zvi
Calendar and Upcoming Events
  Sep. 28 Simchat Torah Celebration, 8:30am-10:00am
(Drop off at Congregation Shir Hadash)
Kabbalat Shabbat with the Keshet of Kavod Reveal in Sukkah, 2:30pm
 Oct. 1 Shemini Atzeret, SCHOOL CLOSED
 Oct. 2 Simchat Torah, SCHOOL CLOSED
 Oct. 4 Torah Service, 8:30am
Take Down Sukkah, 3:00pm 
MS Volleyball Game, 4:00pm 
 Oct. 5 Kabbalat Shabbat, 2:30pm 
 Oct. 8 All School T'fillah, 8:30am 
 Oct. 9 YPA Meeting, 8:30am, Activity Room C
 Oct. 11 Picture Day
Torah Service, 8:30am 
 Oct. 12 Kabbalat Shabbat, 2:30pm 

Simchat  Torah Celebration
Friday, September 28, 8:30am
Congregation Shir Hadash, 20 Cherry Blossom Lane, Los Gatos.  Yavneh families welcome. All students are to be dropped off at 8:30am. Room parents are coordinating rides back to school at 10:00am. Turn in your  driver form  to the office if you plan on driving other students tomorrow or on any field trips this school year. 

ClubJ Ha'Moadon 
Fall Mini Camp Schedule
Fall Mini Camp:
10/1 - 10/2 - Shemeni Atzeret/Simchat Torah
  8am-6pm   More info
Registration Open!
Enrollment for After School Enrichment is open. Classes begin the week of Oct. 8th. Yavneh is  offering: 
Monday: Art for Grades K-5 with Morah Judy
Tuesday: Mondern Band for Grades 3-8 with Nate
Thursday: STEAM Tinkering/ Lego for Grades K-5 with Morah Vanina
Thursday: Yanveh Singing Group for Grades K-8 with Morah Aviva
Monday - Thursday: Homework Club for Grades 3-8 with Morah Shanin and Mrs. Abelar (Drop-in available)

Picture Day
Thursday, October 11th
An order form has been sent home with your child for Picture Day on Oct. 11th.  School Code: BY418287Q0  Order Online Here

Yavneh Family Directory
If you didn't already pick up your copy of the Yavneh Family Directory at back to school night, please pick up a copy in the office.  You can also download a copy from the login  section of the Yavneh website.
"Kol Yavneh" Radio
Friday, October 5th, 2:10-2:25pm
We have our rescheduled our Hebrew radio broadcast! Please send  suggestions, comments and Hebrew music requests to:
Please tune in to the broadcast using  this link
October YPA Meeting
Tuesday, October 8th, 8:30am 
Activity Room C (JCC side of building)
If you are a Yavneh Family, you're a member of the YPA! Meet to discuss the many events/services provided  by the YPA More info and RSVP  VOLUNTEERS

Construction Update
This week our construction zone passed its "rough" inspection. Passing that inspection will now allow for the installation of all of the various fire warning systems.. Once those are installed, they will be tested and inspected, and all of the ceiling tiles will be installed. Then, we will undergo a fire safety escape inspection after which we will finally be eligible for our final building inspection. Everyone wants to make sure that our new space will be super safe!
Students in Action
Morah Judy worked with Kitah Alef and Kitah Hay to create these beautiful silk additions to the school sukkah. More photos. 
Kitah Alef created "mini sukkot" in the Yavneh sukkah yesterday.
Kitah Hay and Kitah Bet made giant paper chains to hang in the sukkah. 
Kitah Bet reviewed adding and subtracting numbers (without renaming) and are adding and subtracting numbers in two and three digits. They are working on more letters in their Hebrew printing books.  
Kitah Bet is learning the xylophone. They are also studying insects this year. During STEAM, students followed the engineering process, drew blueprints of different insect habitats and built the models.
Kitah Gan created decorations for the school sukkah. They also began their garden unit with a visit from a few bunnies, and are learning the differences between fruits and vegetables.
Kitah Gimel is learning the differences between fiction and nonfiction books. They practiced 
differentiating them by working in small groups to organize their classroom library. 
Kitah Hay worked in teams during STEAM to build a house of the "3 Little Pigs" that the "Wolf" (hairdryer) could not blow down. 
Middle School in Action
Middle school dove into the Torah and rabbinic literature about Sukkot in an all middle school Beit Midrash. Then using the design thinking and engineering process they created blueprints and prototypes of sukkot in various situations described in the mishna. Come see the sukkot and read the students' interpretations on display in the lobby. 
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In The Community
Fall After-School Classes at the APJCC
Registration is now open for many of the JCC's fall enrichment classes. There are some new options this year including chess, coding, and Dungeons & Dragons, in addition to ongoing options like sports, cartooning, and martial arts. For details and registration visit: