May 28, 2020, 5 Sivan 5780
This Week  הַשָּׁבוּעַ
Message from the Incoming Head of School: Update on Planning for Next Year
At our faculty meeting this week, Rabbi Hahn Tapper asked us to think about what we had given our attention to that day. Not what we noticed, what we learned, or even what questions we had. It’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer.

The end of the school year is always busy and it often seems like everything needs our attention. Our focus is split between concluding this year and planning for next year. In that regard, this year is no different. We are busily preparing for our final classes, ceremonies, and celebrations while consumed with brainstorming a multitude of possibilities for what the first day of school will look like on August 25th.

To that end, please complete this survey by June 4th. It should take no more than 10 minutes and will help us gain a better understanding of the diverse needs of parents so as to make sure they are considered in the planning process. Many thanks to Ari Kelman (Yavneh parent and Stanford professor of education) for his partnership in this process.

Yesterday, I gave my attention to our 8th graders as they asked a special visitor insightful questions and this morning I was inspired by how well our 5th graders chanted from and taught about Torah during their milestone. What will you give your attention to over Shavuot?
Chag Sameach, Cindy
Message from Rabbi Hahn Tapper
Something amazing happened to me this past week.

I sat on a Zoom call with 10 other people, in a mixture of silence and song, with our videos turned off. The facilitator asked a simple question, “What have you given your attention to today?” and for close to 90 minutes it was the most present I’ve been on Zoom over the last 11 weeks. For me, as is probably true for most of you, who are trying to learn and work over online platforms, be it Zoom or others, your gatherings are probably not usually silent.  Read more
Emergency Campaign
Thank you to all who have donated to Yavneh's Emergency Campaign. We are fortunate and grateful for our community that has come together to help provide additional tuition assistance to our families that have been significantly affected by COVID-19. All gifts and support are greatly appreciated as we continue the campaign.
Kitah Chet Spotlights
We continue to highlight our grads. Read about the amazing Yavneh 8th grade students here.
Students in Action
Yavneh's Virtual Art Walk took place last Thursday. Thank you to Morah Judy and Morah Julie for organizing this phenomenal showcase of student work.
Kitah Alef is learning about the issue of oil spills in the ocean. Students discovered ways to remove the oil and help ocean animals.
Kitah Bet built the city of Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day last Friday.
Share your virtual learning photos with the Yavneh community by emailing Photos submitted will be used in Yavneh’s media.
Hebrew Pearls פנינת הלשון
In this column, Yavneh’s Director of Hebrew Curriculum, Dr. Edna Aphek, reflects on the term “tikkun” which is used to refer to the night of study that is traditional on the eve of Shavuot. Read more
Tribute Donations
Thank you to the following for their recent tribute donations:

Ilana & Ilan Friedlander, in honor of our grandchildrens’ B’nei Mitzvah!
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