November 21, 2019, 23 Cheshvan 5780
This Week  הַשָּׁבוּעַ
Flash Chai Challenge
Thank you for your generosity and participation in the Flash Chai Challenge. Yavneh Day School has been gifted $400,000!
Message from Rabbi Hahn Tapper
Have you ever heard 50 tweens and teens gleefully shout out the words “Kindness and Compassion/Chesed v’rachamim” at the top of their lungs for fun? I have.  Read more
Family Day of Code, Tinkering, and Play √36.0
Thank you to Morah Vanina and everyone who participated in our Family Day of Code, Tinkering, and Play √36.0. What an amazing day filled with robotics games, an escape room, coding sessions, family challenges, tinkering stations, and creative play. More photos
Students in Action
Kitah Gan Geffen is learning about plants and gardening. Rabbi Hahn Tapper shared the Torah story about the very first garden - Gan Eden. Students listened to the Torah verses and drew words and phrases they thought were most important. Some of the words captured were: tree of life, fruit trees, tree of knowledge of good and bad, river, and water. Then they compared and contrasted their class garden with what was in the first garden according to the Torah.
Kitah Gimel Halav is studying landforms. They did a hands on activity creating their own landform out of clay, adding Hebrew labels to their project, and highlighting the unique features of the landform they created. Then they painted their landform and wrote up a short info sheet about what their landform is, how it is formed, and what distinguishes it from other landforms. 
The 8th graders visited the art exhibit at the JCC. They studied the art and wrote creative or analytical responses. 
Kitah Bet is designing and engineering their own "Noah's Ark" in JSTEAM.
Kitah Hay volunteered at Sacred Heart Community Service this week where they sorted clothing, food, and other donations to be allocated to the underserved people in the community. Students have the opportunity to reflect on and put into practice the Jewish values they are learning about in class. We see this as a step towards developing a more profound sense of empathy and confidence in one's own ability to effect positive change. 
Our Broadway B’ivrit (Hebrew) students in Kitah Dalet and Kitah Hay performed a lovely play of "Chanan HaGanan" (Chanan the Gardener) by Rinat Hofer. This famous Hebrew children’s story is about a gardener, curious children, and how sometimes we can’t always see the treasures in front of us. 
Kitah Alef T'ennna has been tending to the school garden.
It was an honor to have Ann and Rick Tavan (one of Yavneh Day School's founding families) light the Shabbat Candles at Kabbalat Shabbat.
Hebrew Pearls פנינת הלשון
Hebrew Corner by Professor Edna Aphek
In this month’s Hebrew Corner, Hebrew Education Director Professor Edna Aphek shares online dictionary resources for Hebrew, and a survey of which is the most annoying word in spoken Hebrew, a list composed of slang, hyperbole and other overused terms. Read more
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Annual Campaign
Thank you to the following families and individuals who recently donated or pledged to Yavneh Day School's 2019-2020 Annual Campaign (as of Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at the end of the school day):
Ryvenna Altman
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Laurie and Aaron Hahn Tapper
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Rotem Skurnik Pool and Kirby Pool 
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Stephanie and Neal Rothstein 
Melissa Marfia-Roza and Joshua Roza
Danielle Sapiens
Michelle and Joe Schwartz
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Elaine and Misha Shtein
Doina Smith 
Adi and Hadas Smulian 
Helen and Jonathan Solnit
Belinda and Howard Solovei
Victoria and Adam Spiler
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Sara Hammer
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Tribute Donations
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Kiana Tran and Ivan Bergman: in honor of Naomi Bergman's Bat Mitzvah
Myra Munson and Michael Hildebrand: in memory of Harry Frank
Shoshana Wolf and Jonathan Katz: in honor of Noah Ettus's birthday
The Mutchnik Family: in honor of Oliver Yellin's Bar Mitzvah
The Mutchnik Family: in honor of Levana Geshuri's Bat Mitzavah
Carol and James Woloszyn: in memory of Sharon Joss
Jen Copaken and Todd Yellin: in honor of Diana Wilmot's Birthday
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