April 28, 2021, 17 Iyyar 5781
This Week  הַשָּׁבוּעַ
A Message from Rabbi Hahn Tapper
Finally, someone had written the article I’d been waiting to read: “The Nervous Person’s Guide to Reentering Society.” I was thrilled when this NY Times article popped up in my newsfeed last week, I mean how do we do this? What are the new questions we need to start asking each other and the decisions and choices we need to start getting comfortably uncomfortable making as we navigate a partially vaccinated, sort of maybe coming to the end, but not quite, of a pandemic world? Read more
A Message from Kitah Hay
Over the past few weeks in Hashavua, 5th graders have been sharing community service projects from Jewish Studies ramping up towards our milestone. The project this week is on childhood illness.

Hello Yavneh Community,

Our names are Sofia, Silver, and Delilah. We are working on helping children who are sick by finding ways to donate money to the hospitals that save their lives. It is crucial to act toward alleviating Child Illness, because many kids around the world are affected. Sickness affects kids too--especially pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria-- and there are tons of kids out there who don’t have the medicine they need. In India, for example, there are about 1 million child deaths per year. Everybody should be able to have the chance to live their life to the fullest.

 In the Jewish community, there is a mitzvah called pikuach nefesh. The meaning of pikuach nefesh is “to save a life.” Another mitzvah is bikur cholim. This means to “take care of the ill.” These mitzvot are what we as a community are all about. Remember, mitzvah means “rule” or “commandment.” This means that taking care of the ill is a rule in the Jewish community, which means we are obligated to help our fellow kids.

To help this cause we are creating and selling pins (see image). They will be available at the front office with Jennifer or at 3:00pm pickup if you talk to Mr. Sleep. We will accept any donation amount of your choosing, all of which will go directly to Children's Health of Northern California (CHONC). CHONC puts this money toward helping kids in need. We hope you will help us on our journey to help kids with serious illnesses. Our community is very important: it can work to save many children’s lives. Donating money for a pin can mean the world to a child coping with illness. We hope you can help us and save lives.


Delilah, Sofia & Silver
All proceeds from this year’s event will support Yavneh’s unique, specialized programming in art, music, physical education, and STEAM.

Each class will safely compete in 2 categories:
  1. Number of laps by class as a whole
  2. Amount of sponsorship money raised by class as a whole

Kitah Bet is in the lead for $ raised!

We are still collecting flat donations from family, friends, and business sponsorships which all go towards class totals.

Business sponsorships of $200+ will be included in our event supportive digital media.

Friends and family donations due: Thursday, May 13th (Click here for sample email to send)

Donations may be made online or by check sent to the Yavneh Office (14855 Oka Road #100, Los Gatos, CA 95032). Please include your student(s) name on your check or online donation. Questions? Please contact Lauren Carlinsky
Thank you to everyone who has already donated and to our
Business Sponsors:

Thank you for making a difference at Yavneh and supporting our dynamic Jewish learning. All donations are 100% tax deductible.
Students in Action
Kitah Hay's community service projects are in full swing. Delilah, Sofia, and Silver are raising funds for childhood illness by creating and selling "Save the Children" pins. The proceeds will go to Children's Health of Northern California (CHONC).
Ronny and Brooklyn are collecting donations of socks, slippers, and money for cancercarepoint.org.
Kitah Gan learned about Lag B'Omer customs including bonfires. More photos
They also explored yellow, red, and orange play dough on black paper to create Medurah (bonfire) and Esh (fire).
Kitah Chet is ready to lead Lag B'Omer field day tomorrow. They spent this week preparing for the challenges they will guide their younger classmates through in person and virtually.
Middle School students used our outdoor learning spaces to recite the Birkat Hamazon together after lunch.
KItah Alef students learn through playing games! They played Scoop of Coins and Sock Money Match to learn the different coins and how to add lots of coins together.
They also played games to learn in Language Arts. More photos
Send us your student in action photos for the yearbook and our media by emailing photos@yavnehdayschool.org.
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