February 6, 2020, 11 Sh'vat 5780
This Week  הַשָּׁבוּעַ
Message from the Head of School
A distinct memory of my childhood in Israel is my savta (grandmother) squeezing a cup of fresh orange juice for me every day. To this day, the taste of freshly squeezed OJ is a delicacy that I savor, both because of its exquisite taste and because of its connection to memories of my savta. Read more
Students in Action
Kitah Bet begins their coding unit with challenges that require the use of sequencing and looping - computer science principles. These coding exercises give students the skills needed for their upcoming Robotics workshop (later in the spring).
Kitah Gimel students are working on a poster for their upcoming milestone ceremony.
First graders are using citrus fruit to help learn multiplication.
First grade students are performing experiments with mung beans.
Also in Kitah Alef, students created stamps out of beets and used beet juice to paint.
Sixth graders got together with their third grade buddies.
Kitah gimel families gathered for their Tree of Life family learning workshop.
Kitah Dalet celebrates after their beautiful Arvit service milestone ceremony at Congregation Sinai.
YPA Corner
Volunteers needed for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Help plan Teacher Appreciation Week during March 2nd-6th.
Tribute Donations
Thank you to the following for their recent tribute donations:

The Sachse family; in honor of Daniel Null's Bar Mitzvah
The Sachse family; in honor of Cindy Schlesinger's appointment to Head of School
The Sachse family, in honor of Zvi Weiss's devotion to Yavneh Day School
The Sachse family, in memory of Jessie McBeth's father
The Sachse family, in memory of Jon Null's father
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