January 7, 2021, 23 Tevet 5781
This Week  הַשָּׁבוּעַ
Message from the Head of School
The human brain is an amazing organ. By way of electrical impulses which cause the release of hormones, it basically controls how we move, think, and act. It also holds all of our memories. We tend to remember the major events that happen in our lives through episodic memory - our brains combine our emotions with what we see and hear and even many years later we can recall vivid details. I grew up listening to my parents and their friends talking about where they were when JFK was assassinated and I can recall the morning of 9/11/01 like it just happened. Read more
Message from the Hebrew Director
Yom Ha’Ivrit is celebrated in Israel on כ"א בטבת , which is the birth date of Eliezer Ben Yehuda (Perlman) The Revivalist of the Hebrew Language.

"Hebrew is an ancient language that has been spoken over many centuries in the land of Israel and preserved by Jews throughout the Diaspora as a medium of cultural and religious expression. With the rise of Zionism and the re-establishment of the State of Israel, the Hebrew language revived as a spoken tongue and has embraced many new terms and constructions to reflect the reality of modern life." Read more

Students in Action
Our students and faculty came together this morning for Torah Service and included prayers for the country, peace, and healing, after the insurrection on Capitol Hill yesterday.
Students learned about this week's Torah portion which is the beginning of the book of Exodus where Moses and Aaron meet with Pharaoh for the first time. Themes discussed in the Torah Service were Ometz Lev (courage), persistence, resistance, and the ability to keep going.
In honor of Yom Ha’Ivrit, Kitah Gimel shared their favorite words in Hebrew. Take a look at this FlipGrid mix tape created by the students.
Kitah Alef had fun with Hebrew tongue twisters!
Kitah Dalet studied about Eliezer Ben Yehuda and his revival of the Hebrew language.
7th and 8th grade students wrote slogans for "speaking Hebrew" on Padlet.
Kitah Bet attended a fascinating Zoom field trip with the Youth Science Institute - Life in a Pond! This exploration is connected to their novel study of Trumpet of the Swan.
Kitah Alef is using Raz-Kids for some reading in their virtual classrooms.
Kvutzah Virtualli learners in Kitah Gan and Kitah Alef brainstormed ideas for their Hopes and Dreams Project by drawing a picture of what it looks like for someone to make or help another person feel happier.
Send us your photos and captions for our media and yearbook by emailing photos@yavnehdayschool.org.
Tribute Donations
Thank you to the following for the recent tribute donation:

Sarah Munson and David Doctorow, In honor of Kitah Dalet Teachers & Specialists
Sarah Munson and David Doctorow, In honor of Kari Wolff
E. Kletter, In memory of Adina Shira Kletter z"l
Beth Bottos and Peter Stout, In honor of Rebecca Stout, Class of 2014
Frida Dobrouskin and Eugene Vodkin, In memory of Bob Hudson
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