April 8, 2021, 26 Nisan 5781
This Week  הַשָּׁבוּעַ
Reminders for the Week
  • Kabbalat Shabbat begins at 2:00pm starting tomorrow
  • Yom HaZikaron is Wednesday, wear white shirt and dark bottoms
  • Yom HaAtzmaut is Thursday, wear blue and white
A Message from the Head of School
Less than two weeks ago, many of us participated in at least one Passover seder, which according to surveys, is the most celebrated Jewish ritual. While the holiday’s themes include stories of infanticide, slavery and more, one of the main goals of the ceremony is to bolster historical empathy and remember that we were slaves in the land of Egypt. Many families focus on modern parallels of oppression and slavery happening currently but some find historical empathy challenging because the events happened so long ago. Read more
A Message from Kitah Hay
Over the next few weeks in Hashavua, 5th graders will share community service projects from Jewish Studies ramping up towards their milestone. This week they share about fighting world hunger.

Hello Everyone, 
We are Dan, Ethan, and Blake. We are 5th graders at Yavneh Day School doing a community project about fighting world hunger. We chose to do this topic because we felt bad for all the millions of people that suffer from hunger around the world. An important fact about world hunger is that people suffer from hunger daily. We are doing this project to increase awareness and provide relief so more people will know about it and will help alleviate world hunger by contributing in some way to this important cause.

How this relates to Jewish Learning
  1. To help fight world hunger is a Mitzvah, because it is helping the people who cannot feed themselves and we reach out to people who can be at help. 
  2. In Maimonides' ladder of giving one of the best things that you can do is to give to someone, without knowing who you give to.

Action Plan
Here are links to multiple websites and organizations that will give you the opportunity to donate money to people in need:

To make it more fun and interesting, the first 20 people who will press any link, donate even a small amount of money and reply back to this email with “I helped make the world a better place” will get a t-shirt with world hunger quotes that we will design especially for you! 

Thank you and stay tuned, Dan, Ethan, and Blake
Calendar and Upcoming Events
Apr. 9
Kabbalat Shabbat, 2:00pm New time!

Apr. 12
Keshet of Kavod Assembly, 8:45am
Puberty Education Parent Evening for 4th-8th grade parents, 7:00pm

Apr. 14
Yom HaZikaron
Wear white shirt and dark bottoms
Yom HaZikaron flag lowering ceremony, 8:45am

Apr. 15
Yom HaAtzmaut
Wear blue and white
Torah Service and flag raising ceremony, 8:45am

Apr. 16
Kabbalat Shabbat, 2:00pm New time!
Apr. 19
All School T'fillah, 8:45am

Apr. 20
Covid-19 Test drop off

Apr. 22
Torah Service, 8:45am

Apr. 23
Last Day to submit yearbook dedication ads
Kabbalat Shabbat, 2:00pm New time!

Apr. 26
All School T'fillah, 8:45am

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Save the Dates
Yom HaZikaron
Wednesday, April 14th
Wear white shirt and dark bottoms

Yom HaAtzmaut
Thursday, April 15th
Wear blue and white
Create a Yearbook Dedication Ad
by Friday, April 23rd
You can create a personalized tribute to your student in the yearbook. Create, finalize, and pay online using the link below (works best on a computer). Every student will receive a yearbook at the end of the school year (included in your YPA dues). More info.
Puberty Education Parent Evening
4th-8th Grade Parents
Monday, April 12th, 7:00pm 
Helen Chen, from Stanford's Heart2Heart Program will be joining our 4th - 8th grade classes for a unit on puberty/health education the week of April 19th. We are inviting 4th - 8th grade parents to join Helen for an informative to gain an understanding of the material that will be covered in each class. Please join Helen's Personal Zoom for the parent evening.
In-Person Drop Off/Pick Up and Health Reminders: 

Drop Off/Pick Up times
Drop off for in-person school is 8:20am for grades 6-8 and 8:30am for grades K-5.
Families with children in K-5th grade who also have a child in Middle School should arrive at 8:30am.

Please pick up at the following times:
K and 1st: M-F at 2:30pm
2nd and 3rd: M-F at 2:45pm
4th and 5th: M-F at 3pm
6th, 7th, and 8th: M-F at 3:15pm
ProCare App
Every drop off for in-person school needs to include a health verification from the parents using the ProCare App. Health verifications can be done from anywhere by opening the app and scanning the QR code, or the health verification can be done from the drop off line once on campus, by opening the App and clicking the QR button then clicking the Sign In button. Parents should remain in their vehicle to minimize exposure to staff doing temperature checks and to not hold up other drivers behind you in line. Questions, email Jennifer.
Covid-19 Test Results from PMH Laboratory
Please review the instructions document below to find out how to receive Covid-19 lab results from PMH laboratory. When your results are ready, an email will be sent to the email address that you used when signing up on the online scheduler. Here are instructions for logging into the portal and frequent Q&A. We collect test results from all in person learners every other Tuesday. Our next testing drop off day is Tuesday April 20th.
Covid-19 testing through PMH Laboratory, Inc. is free of charge, however, if your insurance company sends you a check for COVID testing instead of sending it to PMH directly please contact Jennifer for help to reconcile.
as soon as possible if someone in your household has Covid-19 or if there is close contact exposure to someone with Covid-19 so we can notify the county. We need the notification even if it's over the weekend, on a holiday, or school break. All information will be kept confidential.
Status of School Operations Updates
Please visit our website for the latest on our current status of school operations. Use your login to access the parent portal.
Students in Action
Kitah Zayin led grades 2-8 in the Tekes Yom HaShoah ceremony in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day this morning.
Sasha (Kitah Zayin) shared her grandfather's survival story.
Kitah Zayin performed “Yisrolik" for the Tekes ceremony today and the Silicon Valley Yom HaShoah Commemoration last evening.
Kol HaKavod to all of Kitah Zayin and a special thank you to Sarah for her extraordinary video editing!
This video was also edited by Sarah and was shown at this morning's ceremony. The song "Ani Ma'amin" (arranged by Julian Duband), is based on Maimonides 13 Principles of Faith.
This week we welcomed many of our virtual students and vaccinated teachers back to campus. More photos
Kitah Vav completed their final touches on their outdoor games during the STEAM Hour of Innovation.
Kitah Bet is learning about environmental science during STEAM. Here are collages they made showcasing different food chains.
Kitah Alef studied and drew the map of Israel.
Kitah Gan explored the Star of David on the Israeli flag by using different materials to create it. More photos.
They also made blue play dough with shiny glitter from scratch. They are looking forward to celebrating Yom HaAtzmaut next week.
Send us your student in action photos for the yearbook and our media by emailing photos@yavnehdayschool.org.
Tribute Donations
Thank you to the following for the recent tribute donation:

Julie and Matthew Sachse, in Honor of Yavneh’s Annual Campaign
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In the Community
Summer Registration Is Now Open at the JCC's Camp Shalom
The JCC's summer camp welcomes all ages, from toddlers to teens! We have a fantastic, fun summer planned, building on last summer's successful, in-person camp program. Learn more and sign up at https://campshalomjcc.org/