Welcome to our updates email. We hope to use this email for up-to-date information as it becomes available relating to COVID-19. We will try our best to get daily updates posted in one spot for your convenience.
There was an emergency management meeting held today for community leaders and public officials to discuss some next steps dealing with the handling of COVID-19.

Hospital Administrator Chris Strickland discussed hospital/clinic protocols for patients and staff entering the hospital. He recommends calling if you have COVID-19 symptoms in order to eliminate possibly exposing others. Patients who do present with COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated to reduce the possibility of spreading illness to others. Haskell does not have testing kits for this virus.

Patients with scheduled lab, radiology, or other outpatient appointments will continue to be seen. All clinics remain open and are conducting phone health screenings prior to scheduling patients.

Please follow CDC guidelines.
Please be aware that extreme weather is possible for this evening. Possible tornadoes and large hail are being predicted. Please have underground shelter options available as there is no public shelter at this time. Follow updates here.
We will keep you updated on local calendar of events and closings.

  • Experienced Citizen's Center is open but will be doing carry out and home-bound deliveries for lunch until otherwise notified. Jennabeth is keeping everyone updated via her facebook page.
  • Modern Way is offering curb side service if you do not want to go inside. Text or call them at 864-6120 or 864-3763, Monday - Thursday 8 am - 2 pm
  • City Hall will be closing the front office. They ask everyone to use the drive through. If you need additional information, call at 864-2333. You will be able to get inside for court on Wednesday.
  • Eide Bailly - They will continue to work from behind the scenes. They encourage people to use electronic means or mail to send their tax information. They also have a drop slot at the office. Their numbers are on the door should anyone need to speak with Denise or Tammy. They can meet you if necessary.
  • Haskell CISD is closed this week and currently has plans to reopen next week March 23.
  • Haskell Healthcare has limited visits with patients at the nursing home.
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