Thursday, 4/9/20
We wanted to clear up a slight misunderstanding that appeared in the Abilene Reporter News (ARN) today. They reported that Haskell had one case of the COVID-19. The County Judge and Nursing Home Administrator both spoke to ARN about this misprint. ARN was counting the Knox County case from Saturday as a Haskell case. Hopefully this will be fixed and may be by the time you click on the link. If you see it, please don't be alarmed as it is not true.

Dr. Ruth Ebangit informed us that she gets a daily report from the Texas Department of State Health Services. If any Haskell County resident tests positive at an outside facility, she will be notified. And, as of today, there are no reported cases.
Hospital Administrator Chris Strickland would like everyone to know Haskell and Stamford are now both set up with telemedicine. They can now see patients via their computers or smart phones. All you have to do is call the clinics and they can set it up for you. This will help keep traffic down at the hospital and keep everyone safe while still allowing the staff to see patients.

HMH Hospital Clinic: 940.864.8513
HMH Walk-In Clinic: 940.864.2621
HMH Stamford Family Health Clinic: 325.773.2900
The Haskell County Commissioner's court will meet for their regular meeting on April 14, 2020 at 10 a.m. They will be meeting in the district courtroom. The public may attend for public comment, but social distancing must be kept. There will be a bailiff downstairs letting people in through the east door. To view the county court agenda click here .

The City of Haskell will also be meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. They will meet via a zoom call. You can click on this link to watch.

Haskell Elementary is helping families in a special way. If you are in need of household supplies or food during this crisis, they have purchased some thru the generosity of the local community and the Salvation Army to help school children's families. Please do not hesitate if there is a need. If you have questions please call John Foster @ 940-256-1754 or Kent Colley @ 940-207-1896. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

The Development Corporation has sent out a survey to Haskell businesses to get an idea of how many businesses have been directly effected by the COVID19. If you are a Haskell business and did not get that email, please email the DCOH so it can be sent to you.

We would like to remind everyone in the wake of this unprecedented time to please be kind to one another. Since Saturday's discovery of the COVID19 case, we have witnessed some very unkind behavior on our Facebook page and in person. Essential workers at the Rolling Plains Detention Center have been chastised by citizens due to the discovery of an employee having the virus. It is not thought that she contracted the virus at the facility. Yet, all precautions have been taken. People who worked closely with her were quarantined along with several detainees. No one else has shown signs of having the virus.

We understand people are scared, but please don't take your fear out on anyone, but especially not on our essential workers. These are people who put themselves in harms way daily so that the rest of us can be safe. And, if you know someone who contracts COVID19, please don't single them out or harass them in any way. This could happen to anyone. Lets all work to spread kindness and not fear.
Have a blessed and happy Resurrection Sunday.
Check out this virtual Easter egg hunt.
Double Mountain Coach & Outreach Services - They can help with rides and electric bills.
Experienced Citizens Center of Haskell - (940) 864-3875

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