STAY UP-TO-DATE - March 24, 2020
The Haskell County Commissioner's Court will met today and you can view that video here Haskell Texas USA .

The big items addressed were -
  • Haskell County Emergency declaration was extended.
  • Dr. Ebangit (Dr. Ruth) was designated as the local health authority for Haskell County.
  • The county will not do any public hearings or cover any controversial issues that would require people to gather or need to come to the commissioner’s court. 

The Texas Municipal League has been coming out with updates daily. These pertain to a variety of things that affect cities from elections, healthcare to shelter in place. You can keep up with TML updates by visiting their website.

Texas Association of Counties has similar updates. Those can also be viewed on their website.

Texas Department of Agriculture has also come out with a COVID19 Resource Guide.
I have set up a zoom call with our retail businesses to discuss some creative ideas for the COVID Crisis. If I missed your business and you would like to participate, please send me an email. The call is at 10 a.m. Wednesday. It will also be made available afterwards to view.
These numbers will be even more important this year during COVID19. There will be a variety of funding released during the economic recovery of this pandemic. It is imperative that we have accurate data. Thank you in advance for during your census.
  • The Pregnancy Center would like everyone to know they will remain staffed during their regular hours of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-4; however, you must call first and they will set your items outside the door. They have diapers, formula and wipes for those in need. They are not allowing anyone in at this time unless they are contemplating abortion and need counseling. Please call 940-863-4288.
Workforce Solutions has asked us to share this rapid response form with employers. They need this information in order to track correctly.

Representative Drew Springer has asked us to share the following information about sales and use tax payments.

If you would like us to include updates from your Haskell entity, business, non-profit, etc., please email and we will do our best.
**Please excuse all typos as these emails are being put together quickly.
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