August, 2017 - In This Issue:
The Hatcher Portal
Lowest Price, Outrageous Service,
Enrollment System that's OURS.
The Hatcher Agency has built an enrollment portal to provide our employers with a simple, branded, online employee enrollment system. The system we provide is complimentary for our Employers! The system streamlines the enrollment process by preventing delays due to missing information and illegible applications.
  • Web based online employee enrollment branded with your company logo and images.
  •  24 / 7 Employee access to online benefit summaries and SBC's (Summary of Benefits and Coverage).
  •  Enables employers to quickly generate reports for payroll deductions, reconciled billing, and more.
  • Upload your Employer Handbook and any other important notices to the system to ensure Employee review.
  • New hire onboarding provided including I9 and W4 forms at no charge to our groups.


Affordable prescriptions start now.

We have teamed up with RefillWise to bring you a  discount card which is a convenient way for you to save money and afford your prescription drugs at any major pharmacy nationwide.   Find Your Drug  

How does it work?

Sign up for free and receive your card! There are several ways to do this:

EMAIL  After signing up here , you will receive a digital card in your email

TEXT Text the word, "HATCHER" to 22822
        You will automatically receive your card via text

MAIL Call us at 501-375-3737 and we will mail you your card

Simply show your RefillWise discount card at the pharmacy

Instantly save up to 80% on your prescription medication          

Use your card when:
  • You don't have insurance
  • Your insurance doesn't cover your prescription
  • You have a high copay or large deductible
  • You fall into the donut hole of your Medicare plan
  • Your family pet needs a prescription


Members instantly save on their prescription drugs when using their  RefillWise card. On average, members save 40% - about $15 - on  each trip to the pharmacy.
To keep your card handy, you can print it, save it to your phone, or log in to your RefillWise account

Erin Moore
Lead Account Executive at the Hatcher Agency

"As an account executive, my job is to take care of all of my clients' insurance needs. At The Hatcher Agency, we believe that excellent service sets us apart, so we strive to meet the needs of our clients, from anything as small as a claims issue to major negotiations on large group renewals. I take pride in the fact that the employees and clients I work with trust me implicitly. I came to The Hatcher Agency after living and working in Chicago for seven years." 

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Multiple new laws take effect in Arkansas


Several new laws passed during Arkansas' General Assembly went into effect on Monday, July 31.

A first offense for texting while driving will go from a warning to a fine up to
$250. The law also clarifies that using Facebook or other social media counts as texting.

It's Murphy's Law: You step wrong and roll your ankle on a Saturday night. 
It isn't bad enough for a trip to the emergency room, but how about an 
urgent care clinic?

from Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

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