How Stress, Your Gut, and Your Brain Are Related

One of the most exciting areas of new research is the gut-brain axis. Scientists have known for a long time that the brain sends messages to the gut. As the body’s central command center, the brain sends messages to all parts of the body. What’s new is the discovery that the gut talks back! 

The term “gut-brain axis” points out a two-way relationship between the GI system and the central nervous system (CNS). This means that when you feel stress, it isn’t just a mental battle. The battle is also raging in your gut.

  • Why your gut is so sensitive to stress: The amazing ways your gut and your brain are connected

  • How your body responds to stressors: A quick primer on the physiology of the stress response

  • How stress can damage your core gut architecture: 3 ways stress can harm the very structures of your gut

  • The 3-way link between stress, intestinal disorders, and mental health issues: Why your anxiety may start in your gut

  • Your gut microbiota’s role in your cognition, mood, and ability to cope with stress: Guess what! Your brain’s not the only one that makes neurotransmitters

  • How to optimize your gut-brain axis to effectively manage stress: The 3 things it needs to function properly

  • How Previlli™ can help: Key benefits of Previlli ingredients for optimizing your body’s natural stress-coping mechanisms*
Live Well
How to Fortify Yourself Against Stress

No matter what your circumstances, chances are you’re under a lot of stress right now. And that’s not good for you — especially your gut. Stress can damage the protective mucous lining of your gut and the beneficial bacteria that call it home.

You can’t control the news, but there are ways to dial down the negative effects of stress for your whole family, from the oldest to the youngest.

  • Fill up on fruits and vegetables: The surprising way these foods can help you withstand emotional challenges

  • Get moving: Everyone needs exercise for physical and mental wellness, but who needs it most?

  • Prioritize shuteye: Why you shouldn’t keep vampire hours once the kids are asleep

  • Come back to center: What yoga mats, scented candles, and journals have in common

  • Plan your days: Why a schedule is the work-at-home parent’s secret weapon

  • Stay connected: How your loved ones and furry friends can help you cope

  • Unplug: How not to get sucked into the vortex of the news, while still staying informed

  • Take your Previlli™: The surprise benefits you reap when your gut is protected from stress
Good for You
Feeling stressed? L-Theanine can help.

If you are looking for a helping hand coping with stress, there is nothing like the humble amino acid L-theanine to come to your rescue.

L-theanine often occurs in the same plants where caffeine is found, such as Camellia sinensis (from which both green and black tea are derived). You can thank Mother Nature for that bit of genius. 1
L-theanine is the perfect balancing counterpart to caffeine. It’s been shown to offset caffeine’s jittery effects, while enhancing its positive effect on mood, mental sharpness, focus, and memory. 2  If you can’t give up your late-afternoon cup of coffee, but you’re worried it will keep you up all night, L-theanine is the answer. L-theanine’s balancing act can:

• Elevate mental acuity without mental agitation*
• Provide relaxation without fatigue*
• Generate calm without losing quickness*
• Improve stress tolerance 3 without triggering fight-or-flight mode*

So how does L-theanine work its magic? Two ways: by acting on the brain and the gut. L-theanine enhances the activity of alpha brain waves and increases the synthesis of the neurotransmitter GABA. Both of these actions calm the brain.* L-theanine also helps support important elements of core gut architecture — the actual anatomy of the gut.* For instance, it benefits the gut microvilli, which are responsible for nutrient absorption.* 4,5 This dual-action ingredient makes the most of the gut-brain axis — that information superhighway connecting your gut with your brain. 6
Important Part of the Plan
Previlli™ is formulated with L-theanine to support your gut-brain axis and help you achieve a more Zen-like balance in your life.* 7
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"I've always been a fan of gut health products and am very pleased with this product. I actually feel a bit less bloated and feel pretty good. I know that my moods and energy levels are affected by my gut health so taking products like these is definitely something I continue to do."

Richie G.  
San Antonio, TX
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