Spend Less Time Writing: Two Quick Tips
Tip #1: Limit Email Time
An Adobe Systems survey finds that U.S. workers estimate they spend a whopping 6.3 hours each day checking emails. Not all of this time is writing  
time--much is reading--but many workers spend far too much time writing emails. To save time: 
  • Use a timer: Set a timer for a short period--say 15 minutes--for responding to email, and when it goes off, go to non-email work. Setting a time limit encourages you to move through your emails briskly.
  • Keep messages and replies brief: The time-savings from writing short emails adds up over the course of the day. Recipients prefer and expect short emails, too.
Tip #2: Prepare
Time spent on writing prep is time well spent. Preparation helps you write documents more efficiently, and you usually save more time in the end; the prep helps guide your first draft and reduces editing and revising time. Effective writing prep includes:  
  • Defining the writing problem
  • Gathering necessary data
  • Deciding on the outcome of the document
  • Defining your target audience and figuring out what you need to know about them
  • Exploring options (what's the best way to convey your message to your targeted reader?)
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