Hau' Oli La Aloha
Hawaiian for 'Happy Day of Love'

We celebrate love daily in so many ways with our actions and words. Why not find new ways to nourish our love in all of our relationships?!

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Make every day a 'day of love'!
5 ways to nourish our relationships;

  1. Schedule quality time, every week.
  2. Have a weekly 'clearing the air' ritual Clearing ritual video
  3. Say what you appreciate....often
  4. Give; touch, quality time, words of praise and appreciation, and gifts.
  5. Ask, "What would you like more of from me? What would you like different or less of?"

Kauai Couple's Retreat
April 20-22, 2018
Weekend retreats where couples build skills, nourish their love and practice being more real and honest in a safe environment.

Valentine's Gift
10% discount on Gift certificates

Couples Basic: 50 min basic massage in spa. $220 per couple

Couples 80 minute Beachside: Enjoy an 80 min relaxing massage. $370 per couple

The Royal Couple: 110 min beach side Hawaiian Style Lomi Lomi massage, with a deep conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp using warm organic coconut oil.
$540 per couple
* prices are not including; tax, gratuity or specialty services.
Gift certificate rules:
not valid with other offers
Not to be used for already scheduled services
Offer expires Feb 15th
Our Couples Corner
Here's a sample of our couple's corner inside our wellness boutique, with; sundries, wellness items and gifts.

 Getting Real Book $16.00
Kama Sutra Getaway Kit $33.00
Organic Coconut Massage Oil $10.00
Little Black Book of Kama Sutra: $15.95
Five-Minute Relationship Repair Book $16.00
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With warm aloha,
Darci Frankel, Ayur, L.M.T.
"Helping people be healthy, happy, vibrant and fully self expressed."
Be connected, stay connected!